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What are senior ads?

Senior ads are a common way for family, friends, or the seniors themselves to celebrate their achievements. These ads appear in the back section of the yearbook. If you are interested in purchasing a senior ad, please read over the following guidelines. If you have any questions, please e-mail hagertyjourn@gmail.com.

Please note that yearbooks must be purchased separately!

How much does it cost?

Size Price
Oct. 12 Nov. 9
Full page (fits up to 18 photos and 300 words) $320 $360
1/2 page (fits up to 9 photos and 250 words) $200 $240
1/4 page (fits up to 4 photos and 200 words) $120 $150
1/8 page (fits up to 2 photos and 150 words) $80 $100

How do I get one?

  1. Go to yearbookforever.com and search “Hagerty.”
  2. Select on the top of the home page “Buy a Yearbook or Ad.” Click “Create a Personal Ad.”
  3. Complete the Ad Info.
  4. Choose if you would like the school (the yearbook staff) to design your ad, or if you would like to upload your own finished ad (design your own). Staff-designed ads are free, and will be designed to match the “look” of the yearbook.
  5. Choose your size.
  6. All ads are in color! Click continue.
  7. Ensure that all the information on the page is correct.
  8. Insert your child’s name as the “Headline” and insert your message that you want to accompany the ad for your senior. If you have any special intructions, check that box off and enter your intructions there. If the ad is to be a secret from your son/daughter, please mark this here.
  9. Upload the photos that you want for the ad. Please use high quality photos (1 MB or greater).
  10. Complete the payment. Note that there will be a $2 service fee.
  11. E-mail the second page of this contract to hagertyjourn@gmail.com

When is it due?

There are two due dates. If you submit payment and materials by Monday, Oct. 12, you will ensure the lowest price. If you cannot make the first date, there will be a second due date, Monday, Nov. 9. See the chart above for price details.

Do I get to see a rough draft?

Check your e-mail.

We will send you a preview (PDF) of the ad to the e-mail address you provide. You will have at least three days to let us know of any changes that need to be made.


Buy your yearbook

You can purchase them at yearbookforever.com for $65*. Name stamps ($5) and other options (icons, plastic covers, autograph pages) can be ordered as well. Order your now as the prices go up to $75 after Oct. 12.
*a $2 service fee will be added when ordering online.


Senior Pictures

A photo from Dean Stewart Photo is the only way to get your picture in the book! You have through October to get your picture. Go to dsp-photo.com to schedule and get details.

Underclass Pictures

Picture day is Monday, Sept. 28 and Tuesday, Sept. 29. Retakes will be held Tuesday, Nov. 3. Hybrid students without an English class can come on picture day during whichever class they can. Seminole Connect students come on retake day. For information about DSP’s procedures during picture days, click here.

Get YOUR photos in the yearbook! (Send us your photos using SNAP)

What is SNAP?

A community-upload photo program for the yearbook staff, so they can have greater access to photos and better coverage in the yearbook. This year, it’s also our main way to get Connect students into the yearbook.

How do I do it?

You can download the SNAP app or go to yearbookforever.com and use our code “as always” to upload your photos. Put your name in the notes and PLEASE mention the yearbook staffer who asked you to take the picture (it’s kind of their grade).

Photo rules

For any of these topics, submit pics with you in it and pics without you in it. Try to get good light, if you are in it – a picture from head to toe (or cropped tight to top half of the body), and a picture that shows your face (without looking at the camera!). Take vertical and horizontal pics.

Possible topics

Anything happening outside of school from club sports to your study spot, pet pics, cooking and snacking, Connect fashion, passing time, and more!

I want more photos

2020 might not look like other years, but things are happening, and we’re still taking pictures. Visit hagertyjourn.smugmug.com to see what we’ve been covering, and to order photos if you like.


Contact the Yearbook Staff

Hagerty High School Fusion Staff
3225 Lockwood Boulevard
Oviedo, FL 32765
phone: 407-871-0745 fax: 407-871-0817
e-mail: hagertyjourn@gmail.com

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