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Zoey Young is a senior at Hagerty High, and this is her third year on staff. She enjoys learning about the unique lives of those in the community. Her main goal this year is to connect with more people through publishing stories and content.

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Fired Up!

Fired Up!

May 1, 2021
Sophomore Sophie Logalbo matches with the ENTP personality type on the SixteenPersonalities test. The test determines the types of takers by taking into account traits like introvertedness and personal values.

It’s personal

May 1, 2021
Fired Up!

Fired Up!

April 7, 2021
Fired Up!

Fired Up!

February 16, 2021
Womens reproductive health tends to be viewed as disgusting and is not often openly talked about. Junior Emma Haddad feels the lack of education causes panic when girls do not know what is going on.

Seeing red

February 5, 2021
Fired Up!

Fired Up!

January 25, 2021
Temperatures in Florida are staying relatively low. For those subject to harsh rules and punishment, the colder weather can mean something different.

A degree of evil

January 11, 2021
Fired up!

Fired up!

December 7, 2020
Doctors share their experiences with cleft palate and lip patients.


December 7, 2020
Junior Abby Nicolas turns bullying and teasing into moments for education. Nicolas has a rare birth condition, resulting in at least 14 surgeries.

Face it

December 2, 2020
Fired Up!

Fired Up!

November 20, 2020
Freshman Grace uses her notes to perform her refutation speech. Notes are called flows as students record the flow of the round, writing who is speaking and what is being said.

Still up for debate

November 16, 2020
Rap music has always been a popular genre among students. Many students enjoy listening to it while in the car or working out.

Rap it up

October 24, 2020
While intended to be a fun and exciting assignment, projects like science labs can end up disastrous. Students who struggle with more hands-on assignments should be able to have a say in their learning.

Projected to fail

October 15, 2020
Fired Up!

Fired Up!

October 1, 2020

Fired Up!

September 5, 2020
Students look to illegal streaming websites and game emulators to get around high costs and poor selection on streaming services. These websites are quick to feature the latest film, which students can rely on.

Heading downstream

August 29, 2020
Doctor who

Doctor who

May 5, 2020
Time will tell

Time will tell

May 5, 2020
Sick with worry

Sick with worry

May 5, 2020
Junior Samantha Worsham and her family always decorate their yard for every holiday. Despite the quarantine effect, Worsham and her family continue to set up inflatable bunnies for Easter.

All in the family

April 3, 2020
Junior Colby Mang, despite being a main offensive component to his team, Mang also guards the defense. Mang is inspired and motivated by his favorite player, Brayden Point from Tampa Bay Lightning.

That’s the goal

March 18, 2020
Senior Garet LaGrange poses with a wild hog he takes home. LaGange will usually hunt by waiting in a stand nearby animals or will drive around in the woods looking for game.

Shoot your shot

February 24, 2020

Me, myself and I

February 10, 2020
Students coming back from Journeys are grateful to their family and to the school for helping them improve certain behavioral issues. Junior Elijah Konz found that the non-strict environment at Journeys was beneficial.

Rise above the storm

November 13, 2019
District appointed mental health counselor works out a problem in her office. Palmer is here Mondays and Thursdays.

In need of counsel

October 3, 2019
Junior Celeste Dixon prepares to dye her hair blue and green. Dixon often goes to Sallys to get her products.

Cutting it short

September 5, 2019
New Netflix original  The Perfect Date was released on April 12.

A date for disaster

April 17, 2019
Sophomore Nicolas Cai examines his skin in the bathroom.  Cai;s daily regimen consists of a face wash in the morning.

A spot of confidence

March 27, 2019
Freshman Alexa Young looks through a scrapbook documenting her adoption process. She is from Guangdong, China.

[Photo] A second chance

January 30, 2019
Picture provided by Megan Carlson: Sophomore Megan Carlson poses with her horse Lucky. She is currently switching barns.

Ride or Die

December 5, 2018
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