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The student news site of Hagerty High School

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Released on Mar. 3, The Weekend Away stars Leighton Meester (Beth) who has to clear her name after being accused of killing her friend. The movie will leave viewers always wanting to know what will happen next, and is definitely worth the watch.

You can’t look away from ‘The Weekend Away’

Angelica Mendez, Staff reporter | April 7, 2022

With work and a child, you just need some time away from your hectic life, so you book the first flight you can for a getaway vacation with your best friend. However, your trip ends up being more stressful...

Released on Feb. 11., Inventing Anna attempts to tell the story of Anna Delvey who conned New York socialites out of quarter million dollars. With everything that the show talks about, its hard to tell the facts from the fiction.

Conned onto Netflix

Angelica Mendez, Staff reporter | February 23, 2022

Stealing a little over a quarter million dollars, conning your friends and fancy hotels does not make you a criminal, it makes you a smart business driven person. At least according to Netflix’s new...

Hell heroes from heaven

Hell heroes from heaven

Joshua Krob, Staff Reporter | February 16, 2022

Sitting there, eyes locked on the screen, desperately trying to avoid the boss orbs as shots are returned, and using your special attacks sparingly. In the second wave the first fighter is lost, then the...

Released Jan. 14 on Amazon Prime, “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” is the fourth movie of the Hotel Transylvania series. This film was an extreme letdown to its audience and is not worth the watch.

‘Transformania’ bites

Julia Sumpter, Opinions Editor | February 5, 2022

As a series known for its famous actors and funny moments, “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania” is poison to the “Hotel Transylvania” movies. Released Jan. 14, “Hotel Transylvania: Transformania”...

Released in October 2021, Wordle created by Josh Wardle, is an addicting word game for all ages.

What’s the word(le)

Joshua Krob, Staff Reporter | January 28, 2022

You type in “words” on your first attempt. The "r" is green and everything else is gray. Second try, “farms.” No luck, but then a yellow “e” appears in “their” then it turns green in “berth,”...

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