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The student news site of Hagerty High School

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  • (10/29/2021) Student Ambassador holds Halloween hangout
  • (10/21/20) Young Democrats club hosts first meeting
  • (10/20/2021) Homecoming court begins preparations
The student news site of Hagerty High School

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An almost killer documentary
An almost killer documentary
Joshua Krob | June 10, 2022

Murder. Drugs. Mental torture. A whole community torn apart by a murder that no one can solve. This illustrates the sad truth of the documentary “The Unsolved Murder of Beverly Lynn Smith.” Released...

On April 28, Kehlani released her new album Blue Water Road. The album has 13 tracks and is available on Youtube music, Apple Music, and Spotify.
Putting this album on the ‘Altar’
Angelica Mendez, Staff Reporter | May 4, 2022

Released on April 28, Kehlani’s new album “Blue Water Road” has ‘Everything’ R&B fans could ask for. With a shift from the typical hip-hop R&B vibe, the album truly captures the R&B...

Save your time for Parking Time
Save your time for Parking Time
Joshua Krob, Staff Reporter | May 3, 2022

You open the app and place your finger on the screen, slowly dragging the arrows until they align with the key icon you are trying to collect and the parking spot. You let go, your car drifting gracefully...

Released April 22 by Luke Combs, Tomorrow Me is the newest addition to Combs future album Growin Up. This song is very country, not swaying into the pop genre, and a twist on the content fans are used to from Combs.
Growin' on fans from the beginning
Julia Sumpter, Opinions Editor | April 28, 2022

Fans are used to teasers of upcoming new music from their favorite artists. Sometimes it will take longer than anticipated for an artist to release the music but when that moment comes, fans cannot seem...

Released March 19, The Girl From Plainville follows the case of Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning) and her involvement in Conrad Coco Roys (Colton Ryan) suicide.
You should watch what you say
Angelica Mendez, Staff reporter | April 14, 2022

“I told him to get back in.”  Seven simple words that changed the life of  Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning). Her phone gets taken by detectives, her friends are not allowed to talk to her, and everyone...

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