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Horror film "Megan Is Missing" focuses on two 14-year-old girls who disappear after meeting an online acquaintance. This film is terrifying and realistic.
"Megan Is Missing" traumatizes viewers
Skyler Glenn, Assistant News Editor | November 17, 2020

Surrounded by a world of hate and pressure, 14-year-old Megan Stewart (Rachel Quinn) disappears after meeting up with an internet friend. After a grueling three-week search, Megan’s best friend Amy Herman...

"Blood of Zeus" is an American-made anime about Heron, the demigod son of Zeus. The plot follows Heron and his friends as they protect Olympus and Earth from angry gods and a raging demon army.
Barely earns a spot on Mount Olympus
Sophie Woodburn, Opinions Editor and Review Box Manager | November 16, 2020

Set in the world of Greek mythology, Netflix original anime series “Blood of Zeus” revolves around Heron (Derek Philips), the illegitimate son of Zeus (Jason O’Mara), as he tries to save Olympus...

Released on October 30, 2020, "Positions" is Ariana Grande
Positioned for mediocrity
Gabriella Herrera | November 9, 2020

With well over a hundred awards to her name, Ariana Grande is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in pop music. Disappointingly, the release of her new album “Positions” fails to uphold...

Luke Combs releases his new deluxe album “What You See Ain’t Always What You Get” on Oct. 23 with five great songs.
An album to listen to forever
Julia Sumpter, Staff Reporter | November 8, 2020

What you see is not always what you get, but with Luke Combs, that is not the case. It was no surprise that his newest deluxe album, “What You See Ain’t Always What You Get” was fantastic.  Combs...

Netflix original "Holidate" focuses on a seasonal relationship between characters Sloane and Jackson. This movie is lousy and should not be watched on Christmas.
Easy to Holi-hate
Skyler Glenn, Assistant News Editor | November 2, 2020

After being harassed by family and friends for being single on Christmas Day, Sloane (Emma Roberts) meets playboy Jackson (Luke Bracey) while returning unappealing Christmas gifts in a small town mall....

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