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Boys soccer starts season on a hot streak

December 19, 2019

Going into the season, the boys soccer team never thought that seven games into the season they would only have one loss.  Last year, many of the graduating seniors were good leaders and the team...

Workin’ it

Junior Bella Wright poses for her head shot taken early November.
Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter | December 12, 2019

  “You are so pretty, you should model!”Friends say this to hype up one of their besties to take cute pictures for Instagram or when they come to school with a fresh fit. But a few students...

Passion over practicality

Senior and freelance artist Chris Tabares created the self-portrait  cartoon above for his social media platforms. 
His other works are published on Instagram @afganmoney.
Andrea Izaguirre, Opinions Editor | December 7, 2019

With the holiday season and visits by extended family, teens across the nation can expect a flood of interrogative questions. While most students are annoyed with having to answer “So what do you want...

Shifting into high gear

Junior Celeste Dixon takes down the roof of her convertible.  She drove it to and from school every day.
Lukas Goodwin, Lifestyles Editor | December 7, 2019

Of all the liberties students gain as upperclassmen - privilege days, a reserved senior section at pep rallies, even joining the powderpuff team - driving to school every day is the most popular. Teenagers...

Disney Plus is a plus

The Disney Plus logo features the classic magical 'shoosh' seen over the castle in the opening credits of every production.
Alexis Madlang, Staff Reporter | November 21, 2019

As a kid, no one thinks that watching their favorite Disney Channel shows and movies is limited. Sophomore Olivia Caruso did not think about it as she sung along to Lemonade Mouth and memorized the choreography...

Rise above the storm

Students coming back from Journeys are grateful to their family and to the school for helping them improve certain behavioral issues. Junior Elijah Konz found that the non-strict environment at Journeys was beneficial.
Zoey Young, Print Editor | November 13, 2019

Strong arm robbery and possession of over 20 grams of marijuana were the main charges made against junior Elijah Konz after he fought  with another student . Konz was immediately expelled and transferred...

More than a water girl

Sophomores Abigail Nicolas and Sophie Ramirez are on
Jessica Maldonado, Editor-in-Chief | November 8, 2019

Under the Friday night lights, running up and down the sidelines, covering gashing wounds and making sure everyone is hydrated. Student athletic trainers are the sisterhood that works behind the scenes. Student...

On the flip side

On the flip side
Hayden Turner, Sports Editor | November 6, 2019

When 3-year-old Sierra Dos Santos started doing floor rolls and tricks at her friend’s birthday party, her parents knew that she had fallen in love with gymnastics. “Everything was so natural when...

The truth about Journeys Academy

Journeys Academy mural and motto on the side of one of their outside walls.
Alexis Madlang, Staff Reporter | November 5, 2019

“Before making a conclusive judgement, feel the environment... these are not bad students or bad people.” As the alternative school in Seminole County, the Journeys Academy began serving students...

Out with the new, in with the old

Junior Sarah Rifenberg browses through dresses at Goodwill. Many students visited similar thrift shops for cheap, trendy outfits.
Lukas Goodwin, Lifestyles Editor | November 5, 2019

After a middle school era of basketball shorts, plain hoodies and worn out sneakers from fifth grade, teenagers entering high school seize the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Some join clubs or find...

A world of new gadgets

Junior Saagar Shah uses the KAT Walk VR to play a game he created. In June 2019, the Hagerty Modeling and Simulation program won $3,000 in new technology including the KAT Walk VR.
Sharika Khondaker, News Editor | October 17, 2019

Viewing the wonders of Yellowstone National Park from the comforts of home sounds unattainable, unless one is experiencing it from videos or a TV show. However, for advanced students in the Modeling...

Foley Wins Teacher of the Year

 AP World History teacher Erin Foley helps sophomores Hakim Aburrashid and Diego Garcia with an assignment.
Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter | October 17, 2019

It is finally sixth period, and students have been wearing their ridiculous get-up all day. As students walk into class they see their peers wearing ugly sweaters featuring various historical figures and...

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