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Halloween Horror Nights provides thrill

Madison Garr, Staff Reporter

October 29, 2013

Imagine walking through a theme park late at night with horrifying characters walking around you within touching distance. This is exactly what occurs at Halloween Horror Nights. The event’s select nights are Sept. 20 through Nov. 2, featuring eight new houses such as the Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead and Resident Evil.  The houses are based off of horror films and are all located at Universal. “My favorite house was Cabin in the Woods because it was really scary...


Ben Sorkin, Graphics Editor

October 8, 2013

Cat culture is growing. People are seemingly intoxicated with the fuzzy little felines and their antics. From memes dedicated to them, movies about them, and newspaper articles dedicated to their popularity, the cat is now the king. But why? “They are just stupidly amusing,” sophomore Tanner Strobel said. “They can climb up walls, do back flips, and they can do pretty cool things with their meowing.” Cats used to amuse humans dates back to the late nineteenth...

Graduates look back on high school

Sophie Hill, Staff Reporter

October 8, 2013

Graduates from 2010 to 2013 are preparing for zoo keeping job interviews, college sports events, and essays due for classes at some of the top universities in the world. “Hagerty prepared me really well for the workload and the quality of the work expected. The high expectations at Hagerty translated well into going into a big university with standards just as high, if not higher,” Shivan Vyas, class of 2012 and current student at UCF, said. Vyas, like many other...

Temple Run

Haley Gaeser, Lifestyles Editor

October 8, 2013

When there is a day off from school, the school population cheers. They cannot wait to sleep in, go to the beach and hang out with their friends. This is how most people felt on Sept. 5, but not everyone had this luxury because while most students at school were off having fun, the Jewish teens were at temple for their holiday. In Seminole County, 2.7 percent of the population is Jewish. This means the Jewish holidays are less known, but the county does allow the holidays...

Pink’d game for Breast Cancer Foundation

Lexi Rossow, Managing Editor

August 27, 2013

The annual Pink’d home football game kicks off on Sept. 27 against University High School from Orange City. National Honor Society will be sponsoring their third annual Pink’d Out Pig Out on the soccer fields before. Leadership will be selling Pink’d t-shirts at the game and two weeks prior to the game at both lunches. All proceeds will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Students wearing the Pink’d t-shirts on Fridays during October will be able to...

O-Glow proves colorful

O-Glow proves colorful

August 26, 2013

Flying paint, glowing people, and blasting music happened on Friday, Aug. 16 during the annual fundraising event at Oviedo High School, O-Glow. Between 1700 and 1800 students were piled at the door, waiting until 7:30 p.m. to start squirting various assortments...

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