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To apply for Bright Futures, students must complete forms logging their volunteer hours.

Bright Futures is in danger

Laura Shaw, Politics Editor | March 11, 2021

The average cost of in-state tuition at Florida State University and the University of Florida is $21,000 a year. The University of Central Florida is slightly less at about $17,000 a year but that is...

Caitlyn Hale utilizes her Instagram account to show her support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The online side of advocacy

Sophia Canabal, Staff Reporter | February 20, 2021

Social media has never been short of hypocrisy, controversy, and conflict.  Celebrities encouraging social distancing during the pandemic only to hop on a plane to the Bahamas a week later, is just one...

Though the stock market has been considered a boring topic by many, the recent GameStop

Stocking the market

Gabriella Herrera, Staff Reporter | February 17, 2021

“Ten-year-old makes $3200”  “Meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin worth millions”  “Young investor pays off student loans at just 20 years old.”  These headlines have become familiar as...

Junior Skylar France cosplays as Wilbur from the Dream SMP featuring the man of the fictional country of L'Manburg.

Cosplaying around

Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter | February 16, 2021

With blue-painted skin, and hand-made prop ears, Junior Skylar France cosplayed her first-ever character, Undyne from the game “Undertale”, at the age of 13, and has only evolved from there. The...

VSCO girls and alt girls are two types of

Not like other girls?

Skyler Glenn, Assistant News Editor | February 16, 2021

After a shopping spree at American Eagle, sophomore Tiffany Odimegwu’s excitement was cut short when her friends told her that the new clothes she bought were basic and boring. Odimegwu expected to be...

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