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Too quick to cancel?

Andrea Izaguirre, Social Media Editor

September 22, 2020

Taking a public stance on just about anything comes with the possibility of disagreement and controversy; the development of certain community responses, both online and in real life, has cultivated the widely misconstrued concept of “cancel culture.” Intended to hold those with public influence acc...

The scramble for scholarships

Senior Hamza Zeini folds origami cranes at home, that will count as service hours towards the Asian Culture Club. The club will be donating these to the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima, Japan.

Lukas Goodwin, Print Editor

September 18, 2020

Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship is one of the most popular programs that high schoolers apply for, given how accessible it is. It only calls for a certain SAT or ACT test score and community service hours gathered over four years of high school, for some college payments. However, the unpreced...

Suit Yourself

Junior Julia Squitteri takes a picture in an outfit she cannot wear under the current dress code. The straps on her shirt break the code because they are too small and reveal much of her shoulders.

Gabriella Herrera, Staff Reporter

September 17, 2020

When junior Julia Squitteri was followed down the hall and humiliated by an administrator because her midriff was showing, she knew something had to change.  Squitteri, alongside four other students, have joined to create a new reform plan. They are protesting injustices they see with the Seminole...

Getting her feet wet

Emma is working on her bathing suit on her new work station for her company.

Hayden Turner, Sports Editor

September 17, 2020

When senior Emma Canty and her older sister Lauren launched L&E Bikinis in August. The idea for the company came from her frustration at the lack of perfect-fitting bathing suits at an affordable price. “I thought to myself, ‘If no one is going to sell me one at a reasonable price why don...

COVID with a side of fries

Crowded Drive-Thru at the McDonalds on E. Mitchell Hammock & Lockwood.

Sophia Canabal, Staff Reporter

September 11, 2020

Whether someone’s running late and needs a quick meal, or they're simply craving a burger and fries, fast food restaurants have at one point had everyone’s back. However, since the pandemic reached the U.S., fast food restaurants turned from a convenient pit stop to one of the riskiest places to e...

Not-so-fresh start

Freshman Anthony Acevedo takes his photo for his student ID. Freshmen struggle to experience normal high school experiences.

Julia Sumpter, Staff Reporter

September 9, 2020

High school is about preparing for college and making memories in a matter of four years. Freshman year is where it all starts: new beginnings, football games, new friends, pep rallies and so much more. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the traditional freshman experience to a halt.  Chan...

A race for change

Natalia Alvarez and Tania Sims, members of Ready Set Reform, speak before Oviedo protestors. They led a march in Oviedo on the Park to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lukas Goodwin, Print Editor

September 8, 2020

Heading downstream

Students look to illegal streaming websites and game emulators to get around high costs and poor selection on streaming services. These websites are quick to feature the latest film, which students can rely on.

Zoey Young, Editor-in-Chief

August 29, 2020

A trip to the mall to see the latest blockbuster film was a tradition for many Americans. The movie theater used to be a place of solace for parents looking to entertain their impatient toddlers and a popular date location for teens strategizing how to initiate their first kiss. While movie theater atten...

Fast-fashion, the online mall

Senior Briana Lopez was on the search for a white tennis skirt. She took a mirror selfie after finally finding one on the website SHEIN.

Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter

August 27, 2020

When the trendy cardigan you saw in PacSun for $50 you were able to find online for only a few bucks, it may sound sketchy, but fast-fashion has risen to its peak due to recent events regarding COVID-19. With the uneasy access to storefronts and dressing rooms, online shopping is the next best thing....


Celebrities such as Charlie Puth and John Legend have taken to Instagram Live to perform impromptu concerts for their fans.

Sophie Woodburn, Staff Reporter

May 25, 2020

Most of the world is at a standstill thanks to coronavirus, but a global pandemic will not stop Drake supporters from listening to his new album, however, it will prevent the public from going to celebrity centered events such as music festivals, concerts, or even late night shows. In the entertai...

Do it yourself

Sophomore Kayley Gilman's finished butterfly painting. Gilman used a canvas and acrylic paints that she had at home.

Alexis Madlang, Staff Reporter

April 23, 2020

Rather than sinking deeper into the couch watching the ceiling fan twirl, sophomore Kayley Gilman decided to start painting again and learned to sew a dress during quarantine. Gilman could not find the time for it during her regular school schedule, but while staying home she picked up her brush and nee...

Under pressure

Junior Hannah Sanchez, design editor for the yearbook staff, works on a spread. She, along with all other staffers, had to finish designing the book from home this year.

Lukas Goodwin, Lifestyles Editor

April 21, 2020

When the news hit the public that school would be postponed and later cancelled for the rest of the year, teachers took the time to reorganize their classes and figure out solutions. But for the yearbook staff, there was no time to take an extended break; COVID-19 cancellations only meant they needed to work ...

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