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  • (10/29/2021) Student Ambassador holds Halloween hangout
  • (10/21/20) Young Democrats club hosts first meeting
  • (10/20/2021) Homecoming court begins preparations
The student news site of Hagerty High School

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Opinions Editor Greta Carrasco questions her decision to try eating vegan. Turns out making a switch from meat to vegan supplements isnt so easy.
The vegan experience
Angelica Mendez and Greta Carrasco | May 25, 2022

As becoming vegan or vegetarian becomes more and more popular, many people have focused on finding good alternatives to their favorite meaty meals. They want to give up the key ingredients of what they...

Eternally nocturnal - sleepless nights
Eternally nocturnal - sleepless nights
Joshua Krob, Staff Reporter | May 17, 2022

Everyone knows what to expect after pulling an all-nighter; you wake up bright and early for school and find yourself exhausted. You drag yourself through classes, falling asleep sporadically, and as soon...

Senior Dylan Post celebrating his last homecoming. Class of 2022 was the first senior class to have a homecoming in 2 years.
Loud, exciting, fulfilling
Alexis Madlang, Print Editor | May 13, 2022

 We are loud, we are exciting, we are fulfilling. We wear our colors with pride, we cheer on our teams, we strive for greatness. It is safe to say the graduating class of 2022 has developed a unique connection...

Junior Diego Osorio works as a GES Research assistant after school. With tight schedules and almost no time at all, students find ways to adapt to a filled schedule with work and school.
Juggling work and education
Greta Carrasco, Staff Reporter | May 4, 2022

Every student juggles responsibilities: from homework, extracurricular activities, and personal life. But let’s add one more factor to this: a part-time job. Most students enter the workforce for...

Junior Karina Ostashchuk scans a QR code to donate to Dollars for Doctors, a  fundraiser started by the Young Republicans and Young Democrats to provide medical aid to Ukraine. As a Ukrainian, Ostashchuk has also participated in food drives and anti-war rallies across central Florida.
War on the homefront
Sophia Canabal, Lifestyles Editor | April 26, 2022

When junior Karina Ostashchuk first came to Florida during the summer of 2019, her future was uncertain: her family had secured neither a job nor a home before the move. Surrounded by suburbs dotted with...

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