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New 1975 album hits all the right Notes

Laura Shaw

May 28, 2020

Coming two years after their last release, the 22 track album was long anticipated by fans. The album’s original release date on Feb. 21  was continuously pushed back until its drop on May 22. The band has teased the release of their fourth album since the first single, "People" was released in August followed by “Frail State of Mind ” back in November, followed, "The Birthday Party" song and music video on Feb. 19th, “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America ” in...

Harrison Ford in the universal

“The Call of the Wild” calling to be watched

May 27, 2020

Based on Jack London's 1903 novel The Call of the Wild, The Call of the Wild recreates the adventures of a dog that is spoiled and endures suffering to man, up until he finds his place in the wild. The fictional elements from the book are brought to life ...

Netflix Original “The Half of It”: A half-hearted attempt at queer romance

May 12, 2020

  Love has always been a source of great fascination, with its many complexities and meanings. Different interpretations create fiery debate and ignited wars over love of religion, country, freedoms, or just a single person. While the phenomenon has c...

“Little Fires Everywhere” ignites discussion

May 11, 2020

Opening up in the aftermath of a house fire, a family murmurs speculations about who started it in Hulu’s drama miniseries, “Little Fires Everywhere.” The camera then cuts to the face of a mortified mother, Elena Richardson (Reese Witherspoon),...

Never have I ever… been more intrigued

May 10, 2020

In never have I ever, a notorious party game, each participant holds up five fingers and puts them down if they relate to a phrase that the speaker claims to have “never done”. Although lots of Netflix Original shows have been tailored to their audience,...

Stream new Netflix original “Extraction” or skip it?

May 8, 2020

With the hope of going to a movie theater in the near future dim, we are missing out on so much: delicious popcorn that costs an arm and a leg, sticky floors and seats, and even the glow of phone screens in the dark. Luckily, Netflix is here to deliver at l...

People can download

Cards Against Family

April 17, 2020

“Moms love ‘Pizza’” or “Moms love ‘Being super serious right now?’”  Which response is the better round-winning choice? Your pick might not change the world, but it might determine who wins the round of the free new game “Cards Ag...

Wyatt Oleff and Sophia Willis in

I am okay with this

February 28, 2020

From the producers of “Stranger Things,” and the creator of “The End of the F***ing World,” new Netflix comedy-drama “I Am Not Okay with This” soared to Netflix’s number two in the U.S. in just one day, and rightfully so. Based on the ...

Lara Jean, Peter and John Ambrose are three of the main characters in

P.S. I still love the sequel

February 14, 2020

While Valentine’s Day was created by Hallmark to sell cards, Netflix recognized it as the holiday for rom coms. That is why releasing “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” two days before the holiday was a great move. The “To All the Boys...

Joe Goldberg, Love Quinn, and Candace Stone are three of the main characters in Netflix thriller,

Love for “You” season 2

January 17, 2020

New York City and Los Angeles are known for stereotypes about the people living there. In season two of Netflix’s series of “You,” book enthusiast Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), makes the move from New York to California following the events of last se...

Yennefer of Vengerberg, Princess Ciri of Cintra, and Witcher Geralt of Rivia are main characters in Netflix original,

Toss a coin to your Witcher, for his performance

January 15, 2020

Winter break is the best time to binge watch shows and Netflix knows this, consequently scheduling a buffet of new series to be released at the end of December. One of many was the fantasy drama series “The Witcher,” which takes the audience on a t...

The official movie poster from Disney for

“Frozen II” keeps it cool

November 27, 2019

With crashing waves, Earth Giants, and chaos with the four spirits, “Frozen II” has a lot to unpack. It sets up an unexpected storyline,  drastically different from the original blockbuster released six years ago. The sequel is action-packed, an...

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