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The Strawberry dress: dressed to impress

The Strawberry dress, created by Lirkia Matoshi has become the dress of the season.
Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter | September 23, 2020

The “perfect dress” has long been an unattainable goal. With so many different tastes, it seemed impossible to agree on a single garb, but scrolling through Instagram you finally saw it, the gown that...

No challenges with “Challenger: The Final Flight”

Netflix’s “Challenger: The Final Flight” reveals the truth behind the Challenger space shuttle tragedy. The four-episode series is a perfect blend of information and emotions, making it suitable for all audiences.
Skyler Glenn, Assistant News Editor | September 21, 2020

Jan. 28, 1986 was an unforgettable day for the United States. Seven astronauts attempted to go into space on the Space Shuttle Challenger, including teacher and civilian Christa McAuliffe. After only a...

A killer disaster

A killer disaster
Sophie Woodburn, Reviews Editor | September 20, 2020

From the creators of the horrendous, tragedy of a Netflix original “The Babysitter” (2017) came the sequel, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen,” and the initial expectations were exceedingly low. After...


Charcasm is a reoccurring column where Online Editor Charlotte Mansur, voices her opinions on unique topics.
Charlotte Mansur, Online Editor | September 15, 2020

After digging through the freezer,  you find a box of sugar-free popsicles leftover from last summer under the bag of frozen peas. One remains in the box, wrapped carefully in white plastic. After close...

Fired Up!

Julia Sumpter, Staff Reporter | September 15, 2020

Known for its short videos on any topic from little kids dancing, to friends making jokes about each other, TikTok is its own kind of social media platform, separating itself from the likes of Instagram...

A game far, far away from what we wanted

The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu came out on September 8, 2020 and was met with mixed reviews among  critics. The game pack follows stuff pack Nifty Knitting and expansion pack Eco Lifestyle.
Gabriella Herrera, Staff Reporter | September 14, 2020

It was already shaping up to be the most disliked game pack the Sims 4 had ever released when, on September 8th, “The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu” finally came out. The new game pack allows...

The poetic struggle of “Chemical Hearts”

Leah Luedeman, Opinions Editor | September 12, 2020

Amazon Prime’s new drama “Chemical Hearts” misses the mark and leaves audiences wondering how they spent their last 90 minutes. With words like “Chemical and “Hearts” in the title, viewers...

Let’s get reconnected

English teacher Lisa Gendreau gets frustrated with the computer problems she is having while teaching face-to-face and Connect students at the same time.
Sharika Khondaker, News Editor | September 12, 2020

Rolling out of bed five minutes before class, still tired, not worrying about the fact that you are still in your pajamas, you lazily walk to your laptop to begin the first day of online school. You don’t...

The legend continues

Korra along with the original members of her team, Bolin and Mako are featured with their respective bending abilities. Tenzin, the son of Avatar Aang is also shown.
Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter | September 11, 2020

Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids. Long ago the four children’s networks lived together in harmony, then everything changed when Nickelodeon aired “Avatar the Last Airbender”...

Netflix reality series “Million Dollar Beach House” has a million problems

Netflix reality series “Million Dollar Beach House” shows a group of realtors in the competitive Hamptons housing market. While the show may seem like an interesting, business-driven series, it is drama-based and better suited for a reality TV audience.
Skyler Glenn, Assistant News Editor | September 9, 2020

From “Property Brothers” to “Love It or List It,” real estate shows are incredibly popular. Viewers watch the shows for interior design inspiration, to learn the cost of renovations, or even just...

Breathe through it

Junior Jacob Leggio wearing a mask during lunch on the first day of school.
Leah Luedeman, Opinions Editor | September 8, 2020

An explosive sneeze erupts in the middle of the teacher’s lecture. Students instantly turn their heads to find the culprit with guilty eyes, wishing to be somewhere else.  Droplets accidentally escaping...

Cursed with a bad rep

Cursed with a bad rep
Sophie Woodburn, Reviews Editor | September 8, 2020

On July 17, the new Netflix fantasy series “Cursed” was released, and it soon soared to number one in Netflix’s top 10 charts. “Cursed” is about a young rebel named Nimue (Katherine Langford)...

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