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Wolfwalkers follows wolf walker Mebh and huntress Robynn as they try to save Mebh's wolf pack.

Running with Wolves

Bethany Barker, Staff Reporter | February 10, 2021

A fantastical film of wolves, magic, freedom and repression and yet very few eyes to lay upon its glory. With its folk tale-like style and indulgence into wildness, “Wolfwalkers” is a movie made for...

Chay’s Closet is a recurring column where Staff Reporter Chanson Cadet shares her thoughts on the most recent trends in fashion.

Corsets: constricting not restricting

Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter | February 8, 2021

The Regency Period is arguably the most romantic period in the history of Great Britain. It was a second renaissance as art and luxury flourished with the grand balls and high-society depicted in infamous...

Food is more than just a form of energy, it unites people across the globe.

Food for thought

Charlotte Mansur, Online Editor | February 8, 2021

Whether it is a pierogi from Poland, dim sum from China, empanadas from South America, gyoza from Japan, or even Italian raviolis, there is one thing every region of the world has in common: they all have...

The Pistachio Latte was released on Jan 5 and is available warm or iced.

Starbucks: a flavorful extraordinaire

Sophia Canabal, Staff Reporter | February 7, 2021

Starbucks, a franchise best known for pumpkin spice lattes and Nitro cold brews, has yet to run out of ways to revamp a standard cup of coffee. There seems to be a trend in incorporating nuts into signature...

Sophomore Sarena Wilkerson, among many other students, watches major news outlets like CNN. However, these are not exactly the most reliable forms of journalism.

The real “fake” news

Lukas Goodwin, Print Editor | February 7, 2021

We all know one of our 45th president’s favorite phrases to insert into every press conference and interview: “fake news.” And whether you backed Donald Trump in his hatred for the press or laughed...

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