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The student news site of Hagerty High School

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Disputes between opposing sides lead to chaotic arguments. Illustration depicts different forms of expressing anger.

Agree to disagree

Greta Carrasco, Staff Reporter | February 6, 2022

Whenever politics are concerned, from national elections to the dinner table, a strong division exists between beliefs, and we have lost the ability to talk about it. If someone has a belief you do not...

As changes were made by the state and school, multiple honors classes have been cut. This leaves many students feeling as though the available options for next year are either too rigorous or not challenging enough.

Running out of options

Nadia Knoblauch, Staff Reporter | February 4, 2022

A white piece of paper with seven blank slots sits in front of you with a curriculum guide and a visit from a guidance counselor. Every year, high school students face this scenario, and while filling...

Many students are pushed to attend the typical four-year university, however many might not know that there are other options that can still have positive impacts on their future.

Trading out college

Angelica Mendez, Staff reporter | February 2, 2022

When you sit down for your family dinner, chicken is not the only thing on the menu. It comes with a side dish of lectures on your academic future, that specifically being of your college preparation.  Right...

Athletes work their entire lives to get to where they are today but sometimes burnout takes over and their careers end and they lose the love for the game. Burnout happens for a number of reasons, whether it is because of a coach, a toxic environment, or they are overworked, many athletes have to go through this.

The exhausting part of being an athlete

Julia Sumpter, Opinions Editor | January 31, 2022

Waking up to your 5:45 a.m. alarm, you jump out of bed and run into the kitchen, grabbing some toast and coffee and rushing out the door to school. After classes, you drive to an away game to warm up for...

Swifties are obsessed with finding easter eggs towards Taylor Swifts new songs and albums. While this can be fun, some fans take it too far.

Poppin’ Off: Content Houses

Skyler Glenn, Online Editor | January 24, 2022

Imagine waking up in a Los Angeles mansion surrounded by a bunch of people who you barely know. The room is littered with Prada bags, James Charles makeup palettes and ring lights. Someone approaches you...

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