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Fired up!

Fired up!
Zoey Young, Editor-in-Chief | December 7, 2020

Deemed “the game of the year,” by ESPN, college football fans were excited to see the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers come out in a surprising victory against the Brigham-Young Cougars. The game(and...

Biden begins appointment announcements

Laura Shaw's column is a recurring column where she discusses her view of political matters and events both locally and nationally.
Laura Shaw, Politics Editor | December 2, 2020

Despite a bumpy start, with little cooperation from the current administration, the Biden-Harris team has begun transitioning into the upcoming presidency and started announcing Cabinet appointments mid...

“Hillbilly Elegy” should stay in the hills

This is the movie poster for
Sharika Khondaker, News Editor | November 29, 2020

Appalachia: a region full of unique culture, but marked with hardships. Released in theaters on Nov. 11 and on Netflix on Nov. 24, “Hillbilly Elegy” tells the story of poverty-stricken working class...

Reality check

The Kardashian's are the royal family of reality television, their show Keeping up with the Kardashians has run for almost 15 years.
Charlotte Mansur, Online Editor | November 25, 2020

12-year-olds from the show “Dance Moms” tour the globe making seven-digit salaries, “X-Factor” forced five boys to form a friendship that changed the term boy band forever, and the original “Celebrity...

One move ahead

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy.
Sophie Woodburn, Opinions Editor and Review Box Manager | November 24, 2020

Eight pawns, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, one queen, and one king. The crucial pieces to a chess board, all ingrained in the mind of orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) in “The...

Fired Up!

Fired Up!
Zoey Young, Editor-in-Chief | November 20, 2020

Before COVID-19, there was smallpox, polio, and hepatitis B, all of which were fatal on a global scale. People suffered from inflamed rashes, limb paralysis and yellowed eyes from liver failure. But thanks...


Charcasm is a reoccurring column where Online Editor Charlotte Mansur, voices her opinions on unique topics.
Charlotte Mansur, Online Editor | November 11, 2020

Nothing beats the smell of a freshly toasted bagel. The aroma is enough to risk burnt fingertips while trying to safely extract the golden ring out of a smoking toaster. It is worth it for a perfectly...

Seminole goes blue, but only for Biden

Laura Shaw's column is a recurring column where she discusses her view of political matters and events both locally and nationally.
Laura Shaw, Politics Editor | November 10, 2020

On Tuesday night, Seminole County, a historically Republican county, defeated all odds and flipped Democrat for the first time since 1948, but despite this achievement it failed to diversify the heavy...

Avoid drip, or drown

Chay’s Closet is a recurring column where Staff Reporter Chanson Cadet shares her thoughts on the most recent trends in fashion.
Chanson Cadet, Staff Reporter | November 9, 2020

Walking into your first-period class you pass a gaggle of wild teen boys standing in a circle, all wearing different variations of the same brown Michael Kors belt. The one that seems to be the leader...

Find the solution

Between parabolas, polynomials and severely high expectations, Algebra II has time and time again proven to have significant problems, causing difficulties in learning important material and being successful in math.
Skyler Glenn, Assistant News Editor | November 9, 2020

You watch the timer on your virtual quiz. You go to the first question, only to realize you do not understand what it is asking. Trying to find any piece of knowledge to help you answer, you dig through...

I manifested you would read this

Tarot card readings have showed up on everyone TikTok
Sophie Woodburn, Opinions Editor | November 5, 2020

TikTok brings people from different walks of life to connect and reach new audiences with little judgement. From straight TikTok to frog TikTok, a new version has sprung: “witchtok.” A combination...

Something to dream about

Martin's Dreamery Creamery is a new ice cream shop that opened across the steat from Lawton Chiles Middle School.
Charlotte Mansur, Online Editor | October 30, 2020

As the superior dessert, ice cream is nothing to play around with. One soupy scoop of mocha chip can ruin the treat forever. However, Martin's Dreamery Creamery, an ice cream parlor recently opened on...

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