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Our Take: Fact-check that

Jeannie Williams, Editor-in-Chief

February 17, 2017

When stories of fake news sites on Facebook surfaced in November, discussions began on how to best avoid false reporting. After presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway’s comment on “alternative facts” in the case of inaccurate inauguration attendance numbers in late January, the conversation on fact-checking reached a high. Today, there is an even larger need for us to keep one eye on the news and another on the source. We live in a time where all information and then...

Our Take: De-stress yourself

December 17, 2016

Exam reviews. Quarter projects. Virtual school deadlines. With the end of the semester approaching, it is easy to become bitter about how much we have on our plates. It can feel like our teachers, bosses and club advisers conspire to make our lives miserable, but instead of complaining, we should use this stress as a reminder of how easy it is to overload ourselves. It’s not fun to admit, but much of the stress this time of year is our own fault. It’s an exciting feeling...

Our Take: Campaign beyond Tuesday

November 15, 2016

As election day draws near and the presidential campaign becomes a painful memory, the involvement of young people, especially students, in the political environment has no doubt changed.  We have survived the first presidential election to use Twitter as a tool, bringing with it intense fights between friends and laughable memes. If this election proved anything, it’s that issues are better thought-over when more people are spotlighting them. Tuesday’s results, whether...

Our Take: Find your place this year

Staff Editorial

September 26, 2016

Now that class schedules have stopped shifting and the first quarter is well underway, it’s time for you to consider how you’ll get the most out of your high school experience. Despite how many classes you take on campus or where your interests lie, there is ample opportunity to be involved in the school community, and that opportunity should be taken advantage of. The four years spent in high school are the last four years that you will not have to pay to test out new ...

Our Take: Mental illnesses aren’t cute quirks

Staff Editorial

December 1, 2015

When students insist their upcoming test has caused a massive “anxiety attack,” when students caption photos with how “depressed” they are about doing homework or when students feel the perpetual need to remain quirky by exclaiming aloud how aggravating it is that the white board has not been cleaned properly in the name of their “OCD,” they trivialize the mentally ill. OCD, which stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is a diagnosed anxiety disorder where...

Our Take: Hallway harassment must stop

Staff Editorial

November 2, 2015

“Ooh, look at you! Where you off to?” “Show me a smile.” “What’s your name, honey?” “Hey girl, turn around. Show me a little something.” “Don’t you dare walk away from me.” On campus, students find themselves cornered in stair wells, blockaded in hallways and made to feel uncomfortable on campus by the words and threatening stances of their peers. The escalation from verbal abuse to physical assault can be quick. What’s worse, the...

Our Take: Disaster is never trendy

Staff Editorial

September 14, 2015

Bomb threats and fires are no joke. And yet, with the threat to campus security last November, the fake bomb threat incident at Oviedo in late August, the fire at Winter Springs in early September and the fire in the art room a few weeks ago, it seems school-disrupting hazards are popping up more and more frequently. Sadly, they are not all accidents. Students purposefully slow down fire drills, threaten their peers and leave anonymous fake tips about safety concerns...

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