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The Hannah Montanas of modern media

Celebrities such as: Marshmello, Daft Punk, Sia, Corpse Husband, Dream and the Blue Man Group all hide their identity from the public to maintain a private lifestyle.

October 23, 2020

CLICK! The lights of the paparazzi blind your vision as you and your childhood friend are trying to leave your local restaurant after what was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon. Questions over who you are with, and if you are in a relationship are shouted at you as pictures are being taken of your bad sid...

Letters to the Editor

Anonymous Letter, Guest Writer

October 22, 2020

Our school's dress code is terrible. It has done nothing but apply unequal rules unequally. Hagerty’s rules have always been aimed at girls, and girls have always felt the fullest extremes of their punishment. I feel like every single time I see an administrator writing up someone on the issue of ...

The safest theme park on Earth

While Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure opened on June 5, and Seaworld Orlando on June 11, Walt Disney World waited until July 11 to open Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Epcot and Hollywood Studios followed on July 15.

Gabriella Herrera

October 16, 2020

After months of chaos and confusion, everyone needs just a little bit of happiness. For some, that is binging the latest Netflix true crime documentary, while for others, it is taking a stroll through City Walk at Universal Studios Orlando.  An essential aspect to a true-blood Floridian is their l...

Projected to fail

While intended to be a fun and exciting assignment, projects like science labs can end up disastrous. Students who struggle with more hands-on assignments should be able to have a say in their learning.

Zoey Young, Editor-in-Chief

October 15, 2020

It is the boss battle at the end of a long quest. Your earbuds that have caught on something and abruptly ripped out. The printer that quits on you at your most desperate moment. Walking to fifth period, you feel an impending sense of doom. All day, you have been hearing complaints about the assignment...

No candy, just rocks

Sponsored by the girl’s laccrose team, the annual pumpkin patch went up early this fall. Carving pumpkins is a great alternative to trick-or-treating, which has been discouraged this year due to coronavirus.

Sophie Woodburn, Opinions Editor

October 15, 2020

From binging your favorite Halloween movies like “Hocus Pocus” to baking Pillsbury’s pumpkin cookies, Halloween is a treasured holiday, and a time to spend the afternoon carving pumpkins with friends and family, but when COVID-19 knocked on our doors wishing only tricks and no treats, plans ...

Seminole gets shady

Laura Shaw's column is a recurring column where she discusses her view of political matters and events both locally and nationally.

Laura Shaw, Politics Editor

October 14, 2020

If you think national politics can get messy, you obviously have not taken a glimpse of the everyday drama happening in Seminole County. Currently, the most relevant, and ever developing story, involves disgraced former tax collector Joel Greenberg. Greenberg has been in a daily rotation of local ne...

Letters to the Editor

Reagan Eastlick, Guest Writer

October 14, 2020

Court packing seems to be a hot ticket item on today's political agenda; since our country’s inception it was deemed too radical, too abominable and too dangerous to the stilts that our delicate governmental system rests upon. That all changed during the first and only 2020 Vice-Presidential debate where...

“American Murder: The Family Next Door” takes your breath away

This is the movie poster for

Sharika Khondaker, News Editor

October 14, 2020

In Aug. 2018, the disappearance and subsequent murders of Shan’ann, Bella, Celeste, and unborn child Nico Watts made national headlines. Despite the caring and loving husband portrayed on the news, Christopher Watts, was found to be their killer. A new Netflix documentary released on Sept. 30, “Americ...

Kill ’em with kindness

In today's political and social climate, tensions are high. Changing the way we react to such stressors could mean all the difference when it comes to communicating effectively.

Andrea Izaguirre, Social Media Editor

October 13, 2020

Like a disease as contagious as COVID, the harsh and cruel reality of our current political & social climate has been plaguing social media and poisoning real life interactions with constant negativity. Between racial tensions, political divisions and a mounting health crisis, it’s no wonder people...

Something more presidential

Vice Presidential debate held on October 7th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Laura Shaw, Politics Editor

October 13, 2020

Seeing as how the presidential debate last week simulated two toddlers fighting over a toy, my standards were low for the vice presidential debate. The vice presidential debate on October 7th proved that the nominees act more mature and composed than both their presidential counterparts combined. Vice Pre...

Sports Sanity

Hayden Turner, Sports Editor

October 12, 2020

As basketball and baseball are rounding out the year, the playoffs have had a different energy. It went from a loud and emotional roller coaster to a middle school football game, slow and hard to watch. Not because of the coronavirus causing games to be cancelled, but simply because there is nobody ...


Bioengineers have learned to genetically modify organisms in order to create a better crop with higher yields.

Charlotte Mansur, Online Editor

October 9, 2020

Rummaging through the fridge to find a snack, you find a container of Walmart-brand raspberries. Excited over the possibility of a smoothie, you open the container only to be greeted with a thin layer of mold, even though you just bought the berries two days ago. This sort of thing occurs far too often, but a so...

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