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Lil Nas Xs MONTERO was released on Sept. 17. The album is extremely well-written and has beautiful instrumentals.
Lil Nas X puts his name on rap genre
Skyler Glenn, Online Editor | September 19, 2021

From breaking Billboard records with country-rap song Old Town Road to coining the viral phrase “nah he tweakin,” singer songwriter Lil Nas X is no stranger to surprising the world with bold and unusual...

Students come from all different backgrounds. No two  people look or act the same, but all are beautiful.
Flaws in flawless
Emily McCluskey, Staff Reporter | September 13, 2021

Whether it be Kim Kardashian, Emma Chamberlain or Chris Hemsworth, there is a specific appearance that others strive to obtain despite their differences. In the era of social media, being "perfect" has...

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning was released on August 20 and is Jake Buggs fifth studio album.
Holding tight to fame
Joshua Krob, Staff Reporter | September 8, 2021

From love and gossip to finding your personal high, singer, songwriter Jake Bugg's fifth studio album is great and tailored wisely towards teenagers, mostly keeping it quality throughout the album.  Released...

Released Sept. 3 on Amazon Prime, Cinderella features pop star Camila Cabello. As the newest attempt at a Disney remake, this one, like others, fails to be as good as the original.
From riches to rags
Julia Sumpter, Opinions Editor | September 6, 2021

Fairy tales are known for their magic, romance and happy endings. The "Cinderella" remake checks all the boxes, but it cannot and does not live up to the original.  Released Sept. 3 on Amazon Prime,...

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