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The student news site of Hagerty High School

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  • (10/29/2021) Student Ambassador holds Halloween hangout
  • (10/21/20) Young Democrats club hosts first meeting
  • (10/20/2021) Homecoming court begins preparations
The student news site of Hagerty High School

Hagerty Journalism Online

As ethical diets rise in popularity, plant milks have become a frequent item in most grocery stores. However, most dairy substitutes run for almost double the price of regular dairy milk.
Ethicality: a half-truth
Sophia Canabal, Lifestyles Editor | May 26, 2022

Misconceptions about diet culture are spreading like wildfire. While brands continue to take on “eco-friendly” initiatives, prices climb, profits explode and environmental exploitation continues right...

Swifties are obsessed with finding easter eggs towards Taylor Swifts new songs and albums. While this can be fun, some fans take it too far.
Poppin' Off: Swifties and Easter Eggs
Skyler Glenn, Online Editor | May 25, 2022

Opening TikTok, you come across a video of an excited Swiftie explaining her latest theory. The video’s creator analyzes a cake that says “26,” emojis in Taylor’s recent Instagram post and her...

Junior Tyler Covelli signs up to apply for the National Honor Society. After receiving an invitation, students had to meet in the cafeteria to get their application, leading those not in attendance to miss out on information.
A dishonorable process
Nadia Knoblauch, Multimedia Editor | May 22, 2022

As the last bell rings, you run across campus, clutching on to your stack of papers. Sprinting through the halls, you are barely able to catch your teacher as she locks up her classroom for the day. Out...

The majority know the feeling of someone constantly asking for homework answers. Many feel bad for saying no and it may be hard to find different ways to politely decline.
DIY: do it yourself
Julia Sumpter, Opinions Editor | May 20, 2022

“Hey, can you send me the answers when you’re done?” Most of us know what it is like when someone asks this frustrating question. We all know this person is fully capable of doing it themselves,...

Although we hear it every day, we dont think how self-deprecating humor affects our mental health. Journaling and writing your emotions down can help deal with low self-esteem that might be causing self-deprecating humor.
No laughing matter
Janell Lim, News Editor | May 17, 2022

“I suck at math, I’m gonna fail this test.”  “I literally look so bad in this, I’m so ugly.”  “I’m so sick of this, I’m literally gonna kill myself.”  Words of self-deprecation,...

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