Letting your hair down

Emily Cosio, News Editor

Released on Friday, Sept. 21, “Nappily Ever After” is the perfect ‘loving yourself’ movie, with a dash of romance and a sprinkle of comedy. This movie will leave you with a warm and happy feeling.

After being dumped for being too perfect by her doctor boyfriend Clint (Ricky Whittle), heart-broken Violet (Sanna Lathan) retaliates by shaving off her life’s accomplishment: her hair. She must now continue living life while regaining the beaming confidence she once had. But she does have some run-ins with her protective mother (Lynn Whitfield) and falls for a new guy (Lyriq Bent).

Although it is classified as a romantic comedy, it is almost far from one. There aren’t any hilarious moments, just a couple of scenes that cause a smile or a small chuckle, and the romantic aspect takes a back seat for empowerment. This coming-of-age story sets a new level for women and how they view themselves, their natural selves.

Violet was compared to other children all of her childhood. To avoid embarrassing her mother, she was never allowed to misbehave or make mistakes. As an adult, Violet befriends her boyfriend’s daughter, Zoe (Daria Johns), and teaches her that it is okay to just be herself, even though many adults don’t approve of her immature ways.

While there are no major surprises, “Nappily Ever After” is written well-enough that the simple plot is still captivating. After reading a synopsis of the movie, the viewer will know everything that will happen in the film. But when watching, the surprise element is not missed because the storyline is very intriguing.

For being a Netflix Original, the movie has great acting, and the scenes are believable, giving you the inside-the-screen feeling. From the youngest actor to the oldest, they all did such an impressive job.

This movie is definitely worth a watch, especially if you need a pick-me-up. It is a good reminder to always love who you are as a person. Society always tries to change us, and to make us into people that we are not. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back from the negative and watch a film like this one, one that teaches girls that we are beautiful just the way we are.