Getty wins Athletic Director of the year


photo by Peyton Sutch

Athletic Director Jay Getty dances at the senior skit. Relating to students is only one of his many attributes that contributed to this award.

Michael Gibson, Sports Editor

On Wednesday, May 16, athletes and athletic directors from schools across Seminole County, met for the Breakfast of Champions. One player from each sport was awarded player of the year, which included junior Katie Williams (lacrosse) and seniors Courtney O’Dea (cheerleading), Ethan Brewer (football – defense) and Devin Kohn (wrestling). They also announced the Athletic Director of the year, which was awarded to Jay Getty.

Athletic directors vote on all the awards, based on statistics and nominations. Getty was nominated due to his work ethic, ability to properly help sports teams prepare for the upcoming season, and the team’s continued success. When his name was finally announced, Getty could not feel anything but honored.

“I felt thankful for the recognition once my name was called,” Getty said.

Getty’s efforts do not stop at setting up games and handling blue cards though; Getty travels to most athletic events to cover the games on Twitter and also coaches cross country and track. Getty’s dedication and continued effort to the position make him worthy of this honor.

Getty has been at since the school opened 13 years ago and has an unwavering love for the school and its athletic programs. This is the first time Getty has won this award and he will continue to coach and help the athletic program be the best it can be.

“Any time your peers recognize your efforts on a professional level, it provides meaning to your dedication to the position,” Getty said.