Second Amendment Walkout begins American Club


photo by Sarah Dreyer

Senior Logan Harclerode critiques protesters of their their behavior. He then gives advice for future protesters of how to behave and shares his opinions about the Second Amendment.

Sarah Dreyer, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday May 2 at 12:15 p.m. in the amphitheater, students walked out of class to protect gun laws, in a protest to counter the other protests about restricting gun laws, that have been in response to the Parkland shooting that occurred on Feb. 14.

“I’m a firm believer that you can’t take away our guns,” freshman Michael Ramsey, who participated in the protest, said. “They’re ours and we use them to protect ourselves.”

The crowd, once settled, began chanting out “U.S.A.” and other slang, but things started to shift when sophomores Kameran Macaw and Tanner Glasco came forth and gave a speech. During their speech, Glasco brought up starting an American Club.

The purpose of the club is not only to protect Second Amendment rights, but to protect the constitution itself from being infringed upon.

“America used to stand for something, now we’re just a big joke,” sophomore Alexander Noren, who also attended and spoke at the protest, said.

Noren is one of the students starting the American Club, and currently, they are still looking for a teacher willing to sponsor the club.

Followed by Macaw and Glasco, freshman Camden Varady spoke, but his soft speech made it hard to hear him, especially with students still chanting “U.S.A.”

After Varady’s speech, senior Logan Harclerode came forth and criticized the protesters for not being respectful.

He then gave advice for future protests and mentioned reasons to protect the Second Amendment to the crowd.  

With the year coming to a close, there will be no more protests for the Second Amendment however, next school year, the American Club will look to find a sponsor and plan new activities.