Second walkout protest held last six minutes of class


photo by Bridgette Hahn

Junior Gabriela Marcum participates in the protest by sitting silently, remembering the lives lost.

Sarah Dreyer, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday, March 14, students across the nation walked out of class at 10 a.m. to protest the Douglas shooting. At Hagerty, students walked out for the second time, marking the day that was one month after the shooting. Administration would not allow students to walk off campus, so students protested peacefully on the patio the last six minutes of class.

Some took the protest seriously, remaining silent and holding signs. Unlike the first protest, less people showed up and many students were walking around and spending the time socializing with others.

Junior Sarah Cherkaoui was among those who protested, feeling strongly about gun rights. Cherkaoui was not aware of the first walk out. When finding out about the second one, she decided to participate to raise awareness.

“So many school shootings have happened in so little time,” Cherkaoui said. “It’s really sad to see that these events are happening.”

Cherkaoui sat at one of the benches quietly, remembering the 17 lives lost during the shooting.

A few other students took the protest seriously, like junior Gabriela Marcum, who held a sign that said “no more thoughts, no more prayers, time for action.”

“These things have been going on for ages,” Marcum said. “It’s just not fair for us to have to come to school every day and fear that someone can just walk on campus.”

The next walk out is scheduled for March 30 at 2 p.m. Senior Courtney Ring is organizing the event through twitter and instagram accounts (@hagertywalkout). It is set to take place on the football field, and students are encouraged to bring signs and wear orange.