Hometown Showdown

Katie Curely , Staff Reporter

It was hard to miss the big crowd of white in the rival stands at the cross town, Hagerty-Oviedo, varsity football game on Friday, Sept. 20. Beginning the game with shouts and cheers, both sides of the Oviedo stadium were alive with enthusiastic fans. The Hagerty student section anxious to get a big win.

“I wasn’t sure we were going to win,” junior Bailey Viator said. “Our team is alright, but at a certain point we just give up.”

During the first and second quarter, the game was close. With Oviedo up 7-0 in the second quarter, Hagerty responded with senior Paul King going for the 15-yard touchdown. However, Oviedo running back Jurrell Green goes for a 7-yard touchdown after a solid drive, keeping Oviedo up 14-7 going into half time.

Half time started with everyone turning on their cellphones’ flashlight, brightening up the stadium with hundreds of little lights in honor of Oviedo student, Nevin Place’s, untimely death. Then things got more lively with performances from the band and color guard of both schools.

The second half was all Oviedo. After another drive, Green once again scores another 17-yard touchdown for Oviedo. The third quarter consists of one other touchdown for Oviedo and Hagerty defense scrambling. Not to be outdone, Hagerty is able to pull through with one last touchdown in the fourth, with which Oviedo retaliated, gaining two more touchdowns and sealing the deal 42-14.

Senior and wide receiver Andrew Tarr said after the game, “Going into half time we were pretty confident, but we just didn’t come out like we did in the first half.”

Although it was a disappointing defeat for Hagerty, there was at least one player that had a solid game. Tarr made Hagerty’s two touchdowns possible, leading the offense and moving the team forward steadily. In the end though, Oviedo’s offense just proved too much for Hagerty’s defense to handle.

“For the rest of the year we have to improve on special teams and the little things on both sides of the ball,” Tarr said.