Seniors take the win in powder puff game


photo by Nora Godiksen

Senior Rachel Robbins fights through the crowd. She scored two touchdowns during the game.

Tara Routie, Staff Reporter

The girls brought on their athletic ability and the boys brought out their peppiness. On Wednesday, Nov. 1, the annual powder puff game was held as one of the evening activities during homecoming week. Juniors and seniors participate, and the roles of a typical football game switch.

Many juniors and seniors love to participate and get involved since this is a once a year event. Senior Courtney O’Dea chose to participate since she couldn’t do it last year.

“I’m a very athletic person so playing powder puff against the juniors was something [I’ve always] wanted to do,” O’Dea said.

The juniors started off strong with a 20-yard catch on the first play of the game, followed by a 50-yard run by Julianne Souza. They soon took on 8-0 lead with a five yard touchdown by Souza, senior Rachel Robbins responded with a 22-yard run, and brought the score to 8-6 with juniors still in the lead.

“Anytime I got the ball, all I thought to do was run because that is one of my biggest strengths and that is how I scored,” Souza said.

The seniors had two turnovers in the second quarter, which prevented them from a possible touchdown. Robbins tried to score, but was unsuccessful, and the juniors still held the 8-6 lead at halftime.

“The original plan was to do a few more scoring passes,” Robbins said. “We had some really good wide receivers, but it didn’t turn out in our favor for this game.”

While the girls were playing, the male cheerleaders led familiar cheers, such as the “husky rumble” and “fight,” as well as some other unique ones such as “strawberry shortcake” and “dynamite.”

The cheerleaders’ halftime performance included a mix of songs, like “Anaconda” and “We’re all in this Together.” Many students came out just to watch the cheerleaders.

“The game is always a hit because of the cheerleaders, they’re always so fun to watch,” Souza said.

After the legendary halftime performance concluded, seniors attempted to make a comeback by rushing every play in order to wear down the junior’s defense line. The drove it to the ten-yard line, and Robbins scored her second touchdown of the night, giving them a 12-8 lead.

As the game entered the fourth quarter, the juniors came up with a crucial second down stop while the seniors were on the 18-yard line, but they could not score in time, and the game ended with the seniors taking a 12-8 victory.

“I had so much fun and I can’t wait for next year,” Souza said.