Sydney says: terrible trends

Sydney Crouch

From wavy eyebrows to boiled egg application, it is clear that makeup trends have wildly developed this year. Although most trends are socially acceptable, some trends are a bit more extraneous and questionable than others.

Wavy eyebrows have been polluting social media feed for the past few months. People draw their eyebrows on to look like they have been mutilated by the liquefy tool in Photoshop and mimic a wavy pattern. Although most pictures of this trend actually have been Photoshopped, others are real, and it is easy to tell. There may have been more fails posted online than successful attempts. Though it is unflattering, the trend has spread to other areas of makeup as well, including eyeliner and lips, which only took things further downhill.

I assume that this was intended to be more artistic and not for everyday life, yet you have people online who take it to the next level and wear their wavy eyebrows out in public just to get a (mostly negative) reaction. Trying this out for yourself would be a fun challenge, even if it is just to take photos in and get a laugh out of, but it is unrealistic to wear out in public.

Along with wavy eyebrows came braided eyebrows, which are exactly what they sound like. They are mostly Photoshopped too, although a few makeup artists have been able to beautifully create the illusion of braided eyebrows with various products.

The idea is definitely creative, but I do not endorse that you try it for yourself, as it is a bit too intricate for the average person to perform successfully. However, when done well, braided eyebrows are a very cute and add a subtle accent to any look.

A lesser known (but just as strange) makeup trend intended for photographic and artistic use are lollipop lips. The goal is to make it look like whoever is sporting the look has been sucking on a lollipop while wearing lipstick. The result is a goopy, glossy, lip which feathers a bit too far outside of the lip line.

This is not a pleasant sight, even on professional models. Anyone who hates mess or does not want to look like an 8 year-old who just applied lip-gloss for the first time should stay away from this completely.

Lastly, we have the beauty blender trend, another cringe-provoking one. This is a trend where people find the most obscure object possible to blend their face makeup in with, including boiled eggs, bra inserts, even fidget spinners. The idea started with a life hack approach and was created to explore cheaper alternatives to makeup applicators. However, social media influencers altered the idea and used that to their advantage in order to gain views, likes, and followers.

If you are looking for attention on social media, grab the nearest object and start blending away. Otherwise, save your time and effort— buy a proper applicator.

Although these trends come off a bit wacky, they each have their perks. So, get out there and explore the beautiful age of imaginative, fun, forward-thinking makeup.