Garden with a green thumb


photo by Emily Cosio

Emily Cosio, News Editor

As the warm and sunny days of Florida begin to fade away, the cooler and shorter days are starting to appear. While most Floridians are excited about the changing of the season, their plants are not. While many native Florida plants thrive during the summer, now is the perfect time to get a start on indoor planting.

Any home department store or plant nursery, even the dollar store, sells cheap extremely cheap seeds and small pots. Gardening by the seed does take some patience, but knowing that the flower or vegetable came from just a tiny seed makes it even more rewarding. Sets are also sold for around a dollar for a small pot, seeds and a dirt pellet.

A unique way to grow food comes from the vegetables purchased at the grocery store. Cutting the tops or bottoms of produce, such as lettuce, pineapple, or cabbage and placing it in a dish of water will sprout a plant that can be transferred outside. This technique is applicable to many plants and vegetables like green onions, garlic and aloe.

Another way to begin a garden in a windowsill is to take the pit or seed from product, such as an avocado and secure the bottom half in water. The pit will split and through the crack will grow sprouts that can be moved to a large pot.

There are many websites that list plants that are able to grow and thrive in Florida. While all these techniques do take some time, usually a couple weeks, to begin growing, the payoff is very rewarding.