Halloween Horror Nights provides thrill

Madison Garr , Staff Reporter

Imagine walking through a theme park late at night with horrifying characters walking around you within touching distance. This is exactly what occurs at Halloween Horror Nights. The event’s select nights are Sept. 20 through Nov. 2, featuring eight new houses such as the Cabin in the Woods, Evil Dead and Resident Evil.  The houses are based off of horror films and are all located at Universal.

“My favorite house was Cabin in the Woods because it was really scary and so much like the movie,” sophomore Erikah Neger said.

An American Werewolf in London is another new house this year; it is based off of the John Landis horror classic. In the house you will encounter dead lambs and werewolves while walking through a dark, grueling house.

“American Werewolf in London was definitely the best house; everything popped out and it was scary,” junior Jordan Brown said.

Most people go for the thrill of having a chainsaw ripped behind their ear or an escaped insane asylum patient chase them down the street.

“The best part is getting scared; it is just so fun, and I go every year,” Neger said.

Halloween Horror Nights, however, is not for those who get scared easily.  The entire event takes place at night, and the characters with fake weapons and gothic looks representing the Walking Dead are there to scare park attendees. Visitors can get kicked out fast if they put their hands on one of the characters wandering the park.

Most people are familiar with the characters and houses, but what most people do not know is that the event also has live shows each evening. The shows include The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure.

Before going, attendees can purchase a Halloween Horror Nights Express pass that lets them cut the lines at all of the houses.

With the event ending soon, tickets can still be purchased for last minute trips online, at the park or at many local retail stores. Tickets prices average around $70, but fluctuate depending on the day.