UF implements SAR for student-reported transcripts

High school seniors applying to University of Florida for the 2014-15 school term will be completing the academic record portion by hand this year. As of Sept. 19, UF implemented a Self-reported Academic Record, or SAR, feature for students to manually input their entire high school transcript instead of sending in their transcripts through the school guidance system. Though there is a clear explanation of what the SAR is on the UF admissions website and a Frequently Asked Questions section, some seniors have been confused.

“I put in my classes wrong the first time I filled out my SAR because I was confused about whether to put the classes I had for a full year as ‘full year’ or break them down into ‘semester one’ and ‘semester two,’” senior Shelby Ward said. “I emailed the freshman admissions office, and they helped me by saying that I had to fill out my SAR exactly as it looked on the transcript.”

If high school seniors are confused as to how they should correctly fill out their SAR, they can e-mail a UF admissions officer at [email protected] with their UFID, if applicable, to clear up any questions. However, it is the responsibility of the student to correctly input their academic record, as information on the SAR states that if the final transcript sent after acceptance does not match the student’s SAR, their acceptance may be compromised.

“It’s a matter of integrity and correct input; the self-reporting part of the UF admissions application can either validate that a student is sharp enough to understand the program or that they are unable to follow directions,” Upper House guidance counselor Charlotte Barolet said. “It’s a heavy responsibility, but the information provided must be accurate.”

For more information about what the SAR is, click here: http://www.admissions.ufl.edu/ugrad/sar.html