Administration changes dress-code policies


photo by Sydney Crouch

Senior Garrett O’Malley participates in the track team’s tradition of wearing colorful running shorts every Friday.

Sydney Crouch, Staff Reporter

Hearing the concerns toward this year’s dress-code, administration is willing to make changes in order to adapt to the students’ needs. These changes will still follow Seminole County’s dress-code, however. Two boys and two girls will be chosen from each grade from those who applied to be on the dress code committee. Students visited Upper House Administration (3-112) and Lower House Administration (7-100) in order to apply before the Aug. 30 due date. As of yet, administration has not announced when the committee members will be named.

The committee’s purpose is to give students a voice regarding dress-code.  This means that the updated dress-code will line up more accurately with today’s trends and what students want to wear, while both parties can come together to make a compromise.

With sports teams getting dress-coded, an uproar in complaints from the cheerleading and track teams started. This caused administration to re-consider dress-code rules and try to accommodate them to Florida’s climate.

“The school’s dress code would be more suitable for cooler states. Extremely hot states that regularly experience one hundred degree weather should be able to make an exception” senior Isla Mellor said.

The first meeting’s date has not yet been released. The plan is, however, that students on the committee will research what is being done in other SCPS high schools and trends across the state of Florida.

“Although learning is the most important reason for students coming here daily, we have to teach students the importance of following rules to function successfully in society” Dean Paula Cruickshank said.