Marching band is back


photo by Jessica Maldonado

Sophomore Nazli Castro has been playing the tuba for 5 years. Castro plans on continuing playing it.

Jessica Maldonado, Staff Reporter

On  Wednesday, July 26, the marching band started band camp for one week, practicing up to nine hours each day to get used to things and prepare for a pre-show which will be performed for their parents. The pre-show was held on Wednesday, Aug. 2, in the auditorium instead of outside in the field due to the rain.

“Honestly, I love band but I’d say the worst part is the tan lines,” sophomore Nazli Castro said.

According to Castro and a few other marching band students, they describe the heat as a choking sensation. The humidity is so high and the sun is so hot that it burns your skin.Band members have to protect against sunburn and heatstroke. This year during band camp it was an average of 90 degrees through the week.

“The worst part is the heat, the sun is so hot that it literally feels like you are itchy,” sophomore Nicole Garmer said

During those nine hours in the heat, they learn the basics and then learn the music. After that, they get into their sections and start learning how to play together. Eventually, they start adding in movements as they play.

Band members not only have to attend band camp but they also have the class as well as, practice every Tuesday and Thursday right after school. These last for three hours with breaks in between and is held in the field next to the tennis court. All 150 members attend practice until marching band ends, which is in November.

“There’s a lot of commitment: multiple hours marching, hours devoted to practice in and even out of school,” sophomore Logan Curtis said.