Awkward moments on the stairs

The stairs are the highways of the high school. It is the gateway into class and when travelling up them, some people just are not smart.

Texting is important. I get it, because I like to text as well, but there is a time and a place to do so-the stairs not being one of them. Not only is texting addictive but it is treacherous as well, causing people to miss the steps or even fall into other people. It happens to everyone-whether they accidently trip or they tumble down in front of the whole school. It is just overall unpleasant.

Another stairs issue is hugging. We all have friends and every once in a while, we need a hug, but the stairs is not the place. It stops the entire flow and annoys everyone. If you want a hug, simply get out of line, walk onto a flat surface and enjoy. Making people behind you have to wait for you to move is rude.

Although cliché, sagging pants still are in style and they are only made worse while walking up stairs. Not only is it embarrassing for the person with the pants, it is also uncomfortable for the people behind them. If your pants are sagging, get off the stairs. No one wants to look at that while walking, and if you are carrying a bunch of books with you, be careful not to drop them all over the stairs or on the other students as that can end in disaster.

Sneezing, walking on the wrong side, tripping and stopping out of nowhere are other big no-no’s on the stairs. The flow of traffic can become turmoil with any wrong move.

You can do whatever your heart desires, may it be talking to friends, taking a break or even snapping a selfie, as long as it is not on the stairs.