Gay-Straight Alliance Club holds first meeting


Sophomore Logan Reynolds participates “Roll the Ball” a game played by the members of Gay-Straight Allience. The games purpose was for the members of the club to bond and get to know each other better.

Ahilyn Aguilar, News Editor

For the first time in three years, on Tuesday, May 9 the Gay-Straight Alliance met to discuss next year’s plans and events under the supervision of club sponsor Kimberly Carten.  

The Gay Straight Alliance Club aims to create an understanding and the acceptance of all types of students. Its goal is to educate the student body and encourage both gay and straight people to embrace their sexuality.

“This is one place where any student can come and feel safe,” Carten said. “Regardless of who they are or how anybody labels them.”

The club arose through the efforts of multiple students, including club president Courtney Reed, whose wish was to bring the club back. Along with Jenna Vanek, Carten agreed to sponsor the club.  

The club plans on participating in community events in the hope of gaining 15 service hours. Members will be volunteering with the Orlando Youth Alliance as well as the Pulse Center where they will be raising money for those who were affected by the tragedy. During the summer, members will be going to Disney Gay Days taking place at Walt Disney World starting May 30 and ending June 5. They are also hoping to take part in the 4.9K run honoring Pulse victims on June 10.  

In order to reach their goal of educating the student body, the club will be holding informative classes during the meetings in which members will explain what it means to be gay and the history of the civil rights movement. The club will also have inspirational speakers from organizations such as the Orlando Youth Alliance.

“We’re hoping to transfer knowledge about who [members] are and who their peers are.” Carten said. “One of our goals is to teach our members how to deal with people who don’t accept each other because of their sexuality.”

The Gay-Straight Alliance Club is planning on meeting every Monday starting next year in room 6-212.