Valkyrie Doughnuts serves vegan treats fit for a (Vi)king


photo by Peyton Whittington

At Valkyrie Doughnuts, more is more, and this holds true for their Chocolate Munchies donut (a 4/20 special), featured above.

Peyton Whittington, Managing Editor

After a series of expected opening dates, postponed opening dates and postponed postponed opening dates due to inspection procedures, Valkyrie Doughnuts finally opened its doors on Saturday, April 4 to sell its signature square-shaped donuts and other vegan sweets that will make customers think they’ve died and gone to Valhalla.

Placing a gourmet donut shop right next to a CrossFit gym seems cruel, but these worries melt away once Valkyrie’s dizzyingly decadent aroma envelops all who set foot in the spin-off shop of another popular Orlando confectionary, Valhalla Bakery, located in the Market on South.

The shop’s selling point is its array of unconventionally-flavored donuts, such as Thin Mint, Churro, Pistachio Rose, Fruity Pebbles and Matcha Strawberry. They are priced at $3 individually, $15 for a half dozen and $28 for a full dozen. While this seems pricey on paper, it is well worth it for their dietary-considerate, monster donuts with flavor that packs a punch.

If customers are feeling adventurous, they can also try a $9 donut “sammich” with soft serve ice cream in between two donuts or the $9 hodge podge drink of the day, which usually consists of soft serve, coconut milk, a shot of cold brew and crumbled sweets, all topped with a mini-donut and a sugar cone hat. Even in its infancy, Valkyrie is making an effort to constantly expand their menu while also staying true to its vegan values, a smart business practice that should keep customers coming.

While the bakery’s menu is entirely egg and dairy-free, non-vegans shouldn’t fear. The taste of Valkyrie’s menu items is not compromised. In fact, their donuts are far sweeter, fluffier and melt-in-your-mouth than those of brands like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts. That said, keep in mind that just because Valkyrie is vegan, this does not make their items healthy. One donut is basically a fried heart attack dusted in powdered sugar, but, by Odin, is it delicious.

The only area where non-vegans might take issue is their limited coffee creamer options. Valkyrie only offers soy and almond milk, which really just turns coffee a little less brown. However, this is a minor complaint in the context of Valkyrie’s diverse menu and excellent service.

The bakery is already attracting out-the-door lines, so an excellent next step for them would be to offer inside seating. Customers will definitely want to bring their friends back and stay a while, but for now, East Orlandoans with a sweet tooth can grab a dozen on the go.

Valhalla and Valkyrie have built a unique brand with top-notch marketing, a solid menu and an established social media presence that will ensure their longevity in the UCF area. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @valkyriedoughnuts to stay updated on daily specials and new flavors.