Friday filled with football and fun


The student section dressed in pink to support breast cancer and the team at last year’s pink’d game against East Ridge.

Hannah Hadelman, Staff Reporter

Cupcake Friday, a pink’d pep rally, football’s senior night game and the regional semifinal volleyball game. Friday Oct. 28 is a day packed with many activities.

The second — and last — pep rally is on Friday and is going to help the promotion of the pink’d football game and raising awareness for breast cancer.

The football game on Friday is against Edgewater who is 0-8 and admission is 6 dollars. The team is hoping to secure another district win and improve the record to 8-1. Not only is this another district game, but it is also senior night for the team.

“I think [senior night] is the most important night of all the games, the seniors here right now have won 15 games and only lost three. That’s the best 2 year record they’ve ever had in the history of this school,” varsity football coach Phil Ziglar said. “In fact, if we finish out with two wins, we could end up 9-1 with the best record we’ve ever had in school history.”

The volleyball game on Friday is against East Ridge who is 20-3.  Admission is 7 dollars and the team is in the Sweet Sixteen with two wins needed to get to the final four.

“The volleyball team has a very good shot at winning this game and advancing to the elite eight, I expect a hard fight out of both teams since they are both in the Sweet Sixteen and are very talented,” athletic director Jay Getty said.

The volleyball game is significant because a win would represent the furthest a team has gotten.

“We’ve gotten to this point in the past, but we have never won past this point,” varsity volleyball coach Juanita Hitt said.

Some coaches are bothered by the amount of activities going on in one day, but Ziglar feels opposite, believing that students should enjoy Friday, and he believes that the pink’d theme should not be lost on fans.

“We have a lot of moms and women at this school who have gone through a lot, and I just have my hat off to them because of what they go through,” Ziglar said. “Surviving cancer, feeding kids, cleaning houses… it’s unbelievable, and it shows you how much stronger women are than men.”

This Friday is filled with activities to support the teams and raise breast cancer awareness.