Parking spot painting cancelled

Hannah Hadelman, Staff Reporter

At the senior panoramic on Sept. 14, assistant principal Christy Bryce announced that seniors will be allowed to paint their parking spaces using blue, black, silver and white paint. However, the activity was canceled on Oct. 12.

The date of the painting was intended to be Friday Oct. 14, but it was recently cancelled on the seniors’ Twitter account, @hagertysga17.


Seniors had to turn in an application and a $20 fee, along with an attached picture of their design, to Bryce or sponsor Ashley Bennett.

Rules were enforced for the privilege: students had to paint their space over on graduation rehearsal day. If they failed to do this, they would be placed on a senior obligation list and would not be able to receive their graduation tickets.

Only eight students had signed up for the privilege; many did not think it was worth it. However, some students who planned on participating are upset about the cancelation.

“I think it’s really messed up because we were all excited [and] everyone was spending time thinking about what they wanted to put down on their parking spots,” senior Diamond Rickenbacker said. “So to hear it got cancelled is like they just took a gift from us.”

As of right now, there are no further plans for the spaces.