Chorus starts with pop concert

Chorus starts with pop concert

photo by Caitlyn Patel

Jeannie Williams, Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Oct. 12, chorus held its annual fall concert, drawing in 150 attendees and performing hits like “Jar of Hearts” and “Stuck Like Glue.”

The concert was held in the auditorium and included performances from Voices of Hagerty, Concert Choir, Husky Chorale and several duets and soloists.

“We don’t usually get to hear our friends [sing]by themselves because we always sing in a group,” senior Cole Monica said. “It’s always great to listen to friends show what they can do on their own.”

Chorus teacher Victoria Rathbun always allows the opportunity for students to sing as well as play an instrument, but this is the first year this many students took her up on the offer.  Seven performances involved instruments including guitars, ukuleles and a mandolin.

The show also included a dance number from Husky Chorale, which was not originally part of the show but took the enough initiative to be added in.  The class learned “Bohemian Rhapsody” and choreographed it themselves under the leadership of freshman Jackie Fishel.

“There was a lot of stuff I wanted to do but couldn’t because we’re singers, not dancers, but the whole concert was just so much fun to put together and perform,” Fishel said.

Chorus’ next concert will be the winter concert on Tuesday, Dec. 6.