Clubs, sports participate in campus clean-up


Saturday, Aug. 17 was the third annual Campus Beautification Day.  Students participating in clubs and fall sports were encouraged to partake in this event.  Friends and family were welcome to come and help as well.

Each organization, depending on the amount of members, was assigned a section for which they were responsible for.  Students and sponsors alike worked from 9:00a.m. until around noon, which was a shorter time then years before.

Last year, campus clean-up was much more labor intensive because of the sodding of the courtyard.  Athletic director Jay Getty explained that the only things that needed to be accomplished were the “weeding and mulching of areas in the school.”

Students like sophomore Sarah Gibson explained that it was a very rewarding experience. “Campus clean-up was a great way to bond as a team, and you can talk to people that you normally don’t talk to at practice.  You also get a chance to help your school.”