Chorus concludes year with spring concert


photo by Malcolm Robinson

The boy’s choir performs to the backdrop of two pianists.

Malcolm Robinson, Staff Reporter

An assortment of  catchy pop tunes, brooding war hymns and spontaneous dance numbers breathed life into the seasonal spring choir concert on Tuesday, May 3, where onlookers and longtime fans arrived by 7 p.m. to be treated to a session of singing that, within the past month, earned the choir the highest competition ratings in the department’s history.

The concert, lasting over an hour, arrived on the heels of a successful performance at the music performance assessment, a yearly event for Fla. choirs. The audience filled the majority of the auditorium where the event was hosted and was attended by both teachers and students alike for an entrance fee of $5.

Orchestrated by chorus director Victoria Rathbun, the performance was set following innumerable days of practice which originated back to January.

The songs, intended to captivate their audience with distinct styles and self-contained backstories, benefitted greatly from the many days spent practicing by junior A’dreyanna Williams’ standards.

“Considering the fact we had a lot of hardships and rough stretches, I feel like we’ve done really well,” Williams said.

A highlight of the night for many members was the boy’s choir performance of “Runaround Sue,” in which they took to the stage to dance to the bubbly ’60s pop piece.

“Out of everything from this past year, that dance was probably my favorite moment,” sophomore chorus singer Bradley Langfeldt said.

Other than an overall desire to showcase their vocal strengths through solo and group performances, overarching themes were present and up to interpretation.

“In my opinion, the sort of songs we delivered mixed love and tragic events and were heavily inspired by them,” junior Arianna Vixen said.

The spring performance is an annual concert, and it was the final one for this school year.