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Friends never let friends drink bad coffee, so here’s a latte perks of the best places near you


photo by Sophie Hill

In addition to specialty caffeinated beverages, De Azúcar boasts some of the best fresh-baked sweets Oviedo has to offer.

Sophie Hill and Peyton Whittington, Editor-in-Chief and Online Editor-in-Chief

With the recent openings of Kaioen and Duo58, Oviedo is finally starting to receive the overflow of dozens of craft coffee shops as they spread from downtown Orlando to the suburban, caffeinated masses of Central Florida.

Aside from the quick, simple classics from major chains like Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, the craft coffee craze has been growing its prestige among coffee enthusiasts by offering fair trade, organic products and complex lattes, cappuccinos, affogatos and other specialty brewed beverages.

While some find this recent craze pretentious, expressing disillusionment with the sudden influx in coffee-obsessed Instagrammers, others, especially in the wake of the frozen yogurt bar obsession, find the classic and timeless allure of coffee to be a sophisticated addition to the ever-growing town of Oviedo.

These new coffeehouses, many of which are charity-focused instead of for-profit and are affiliated with local churches, are also working to make their coffee-for-a-cause mentality approachable and relaxing. In almost every location nearby, the landscape is dotted with places to lounge, study or chat with friends.

The growth of coffeehouses has also seen a boost in opportunities for local artists to showcase their work on walls dotted with twinkly lights or at the mic during Friday Jazz Night. Not only are they a great way to bring new, creative foodie additions to people who are a long way away from funky restaurants in Winter Park or Lake Eola that take a toll on one’s pocketbook, but they also bring the community together.

As the craft coffee trend hopefully continues, be sure to keep an eye out for great places to relax, rejuvenate and give back. Between finding a place with phenomenal food, artist showcases in great atmospheres, true caffeine classics or the best brews hidden between bike racks and popsicle freezers, the assortment of options listed below are sure to satisfy any coffee craving one might have.

Classic craft coffee

Coffeehaus: 1016 Lockwood Blvd.IMG_0244
Not only is it close to school and a natural choice for group study dates, but Coffehaus keeps the Barnie’s favorites alive in its simple but satisfying coffee choices. Their white chocolate mocha or just a coffee with cream and sugar is a perfect morning perk.

Vespr: 626 N Alafaya Trail

Vespr is the best place for favorites like lattes, espressos and machiattos. Though finding a seat can be difficult, their drinks are perfect for studying, talking or soaking in some caffeinated TLC.

Best atmosphere

FullSizeRenderKaioen: 254 N Division St.
This minimalist gem is a non-profit, so you can pay the suggested price or whatever change happens to be in your pocket for a fantastic drip brew – no questions asked. Study in peace while the sun is up; enjoy quality music nights while the sun is down.

Sleeping Moon: 495 N Semoran Blvd.
Tucked in a strip mall, this coffee shop features great food and open mic nights, music nights and other community art showcases three days a week. Their soft decor matches their laid-back coffee selection and couches.

Best Odd-Ball Brewspopparlour

Velo Creek Bike and Brew: 93 Alafaya Woods Blvd.
Sporting equipment and craft coffee seems an unlikely pair, but this cafe located off of Alafaya has made a name for itself solely on its quirkiness. Stop
in for one of their flavored red velvet or salted caramel lattes.

Pop Parlour: 431 East Central Blvd.
A great place for sweet treats with squad, The Pop Parlour is located on the UCF campus and offers the two best things in life: coffee and popsicles. Order their cold brew with hazelnut syrup for a sippable tiramisu or go for their take on an affogato: coffee poured over one of their signature fruity or creamy pops.

Foodie Friendly

IMG_7111De Azúcar: 150 Alafaya Woods Blvd.
This cute French bakery is perfect for a Saturday brunch or a senior-skip-day breakfast. Their seasonal and fresh assortment of pastries, sandwiches and desserts is matched by their array of hot chocolates, lattes and cappuccinos.

Duo58: 112 Mitchell Hammock Rd.
Though their sign isn’t even up, this charitable corner cafe off of Mitchell Hammock is already getting noticed by Oviedoan coffee connoisseurs. Stop in for gourmet nibbles and coffee from top notch bean roasters worldwide. Ask for a cortado for A+ espresso (or if you just want to sound hip).

Other places to give a shot 

Austin’s Coffee: 929 W Fairbanks Ave.

Although a bit of a drive, Austin’s is definitely worth it. This coffee, tea and sandwich lounge is open 24/7, and offers open mic and music nights three days a week.

Stardust Coffee: 1842 Winter Park Rd.
With a ceiling dotted with lights and paper lanterns, this underground coffee shop is a hit for Instagram and flavored coffees. Be sure to also check out their library of games and books.

Propagation: 1221 N Mills Ave.
This modern, mid-century furnished coffee shop is a classic craft coffee go-to. Despite the long drive, their all-natural pastries and fresh, fair trade coffees make it worthwhile.

Downtown Credo: 550 E Rollins St.
At Credo, craft coffees are well-made and well-bought. Credo is dedicated to fair trade and profits are kept in the community, for the community and by the community at local youth centers and charities.