Starting close to home

Courtney Dziewior, Online Managing Editor

Passion, potential, promotion and premise. These are all vital to each child, teenager, adult or elder, but even more crucial for students in high school, specifically in the arts.

Students are reaching the pivotal point of their life where they have to make tough decisions from what they want to pursue as a career to where they want to go for college, and these decisions are even tougher for those without the support of their school, community and parents.

More importance needs to be placed on the arts and its positive impact needs to be acknowledged within the school system, as well as beyond, in an effort to expand and improve the creative outlet fine arts programs provide students with. Instead of constantly placing weight on academics, school systems across the country should to take more stock in their fine art departments and how they can impact their students.

Often our own fine arts department is taken for granted with the multitude of opportunities available for students. From participating in classes such as band, chorus, dance or theater to being cast in musicals and talent shows, there are a surplus of creative opportunities. This is not the case at all schools.

Across the country, schools should certainly maintain a well-rounded education in traditional academics, but the arts are equally important, as both provide opportunities for students to pursue their passion. However, often more importance is placed on academics. Schools do their best to ensure that no child is ever left behind in their education, but they do not always follow through with this in the arts.

The foundation of those that go on to be performers comes from their roots. It is where they learned what it means to be an entertainer and this often comes from school programs.

Equally as important as the opportunities available in fine arts programs is the importance of having engaged, driven and passionate directors. Each individual who goes on to participate in entertainment was inspired by someone close to them that impacted them in a pivotal way, often at school. The directors at fine art programs have the unique opportunity of being able to inspire students to pursue their passion. Sometimes these directors are the only ones that will place faith and see potential within their students.

The arts are more than just a chance for students to pursue something they love. Yet another reason for more importance to be placed on the arts is the part they play in our everyday society. At some point in everyone’s day, they hear music, watch TV or see a performance. The entertainment that has become ingrained in our society to keep us occupied is a huge part of our lifestyles. Imagine one day waking up with no one having ever discovered their passion for performing, singing, dancing or acting. As a result, there would be no one to occupy our television screens or sing out of the radio. Life would suddenly become barren and empty without this form of recreation.

If a student finds they want to pursue a life in the arts, they should have the chance to do so and be at a level playing field with everyone else who makes such a decision. Just like anyone should have the chance to learn and gain an education and living with engineering through robotics classes or with a medical field through science classes such as anatomy, the same should apply to those that want to pursue entertainment as singers, actors, dancers or instrumentalists.