Creative Writing Club’s first meeting Sep. 11

Whether it is to make an authorship debut, to share your inner creative beast or to simply express yourself through written words, the Creative Writing Club is the newest organization for young writers and experienced poets alike.

The club, created by sophomore Steven Marvin, will have its first meeting on Sept. 11. Marvin created the club in an attempt to share his passion for writing and to inspire others to pick up a pen and let loose their creativity.

Club members will write pieces of literature of any kind and share them with the group. Students with the best pieces will be awarded recognition accordingly. “Feedback to improve” is the theme of the club.

To start a club, a couple of things are needed: sponsors, lots of paperwork and people that share a common interest. English teacher Lisa Gendreau was a pivotal member, sponsoring Marvin and allowing the meetings to be held in her room.

“Mrs. Gendreau was wonderful in helping me get started,”  Marvin said. “I honestly couldn’t have done it without her.”

After getting all the paperwork and sponsors sorted out, Marvin still needed one thing—club members. An introductory meeting was held at the end of last year and over 50 people showed up.

“Anyone, whether their medium is poetry, short stories, or [novels], should attend,” Marvin said. “It’ll be as blast.”