Marching show based off Romeo and Juliet ballet


The band is channeling their inner Shakespeare. Four months of brainstorming has led to: Dangers of a Young Heart, the title of the new performance. The show has music selections from a Romeo and Juliet ballet and to coincide with the chosen music, the marching show is a “modern-day love story,” as previous head director Ted Shistle stated at spring training.

Both last year and the current presentation share a similar genre, yet they do contrast. In this year’s routine, the different sections of the show depict the ups and downs of relationships and the emotions that go along with them, though without the original suicidal end of Romeo and Juliet.

The first movement, ‘Infatuation’, begins the tale with a love-struck mood. ‘Rejection’ is the second portion, representing a fall-out. As the romance continues, it moves into what was previously known as ‘Obsession’, but has now been changed to ‘Fantasy’.

“When you think of an obsession you think of tension, but this movement doesn’t have that. Since the music is phrased more like a fantasy, we said ‘ok’ to changing the title of that piece,” head director Brad Kuperman said.

After ‘Fantasy’ is ‘Malice’, which signifies feelings of resentment or being distraught. The show is predicted to finish at around seven and a half minutes. However, so as not to give away the ending, all that has been revealed is that the program closes with a twist.