Ben and Nate

Disc it for the biscuit


photo by Ben Clyatt

Ben: After beating Nate in every event last semester, I decided we would do something more his speed this issue. He mentioned disc golf, or Frisbee golf, so we headed over to the Shane Kelly Park course to try it out.

Nate: I got one speed, Ben: full throttle. I’m undefeated, and you’re just a mere speed bump.

Ben: Details, man. The point is, we went to see the joy that is disc golf. Disc golf is basically just regular golf, but with a Frisbee. It’s a lot like soccer golf, which we played earlier.

Nate: But unlike soccer golf, it was free of price, other people, and soreness.

Ben: There was one other group there, and they left shortly after we arrived, so we had basically the whole course to ourselves. Also unlike soccer golf, it didn’t last nearly as long, as we finished the nine holes after only an hour.

Nate: The time was perfect, and most of the holes were clear to see and not too challenging.

Ben: The course was extremely friendly to beginners. Neither of us are too skilled with a Frisbee, yet we didn’t have trouble getting through it.

Nate: There are plenty of unique holes on this course. There’s one where you tee off on top of a hill, and another inside the woods.


Ben: The one on top of the hill was a doozy. The hole wasn’t far away, but you had to get the Frisbee over what was essentially an overgrown swamp, a bit of a challenge if you didn’t want to go exploring in the muck.

Nate: With that hole, you could take my way of throwing it as hard as possible over the swamp, or Ben’s way of throwing it back to the side of the hill. My throw, however, didn’t make it, and I had to climb into the heart of the swamp to get my disc. Sadly, that wasn’t the only time.

Ben: That was hole six, and every single hole after saw you throw your Frisbee into the wilderness and have to venture in for it. One thing about this course: if your Frisbee goes out, you are not going to have fun getting it back. I was pulling hitchhikers off my clothes for the rest of the day, and I only went in half as many times as Nate did.

Nate: Yeah, I would not recommend wearing your Sunday best to play disc golf.

Ben: I would say to bring some pants to protect from the hitchhikers and anything else in there.

Nate: Honestly, throwing it in the surroundings is part of it. The most fun moments were trying to get the disc back into play. Once, I was so deep in that all Ben saw was my disc.

Ben: And probably the highlight of our trip was on hole eight after you got stuck in some bushes and had to hit a serious trick shot to get the Frisbee back into play. Very few people could pull off that leap into the clearing while tossing the Frisbee mid-jump.

Nate: I’m sure kids grow up dreaming of that. Still, it was greater than any of Ben’s shots.

Ben: I guess we’ll never find out because I never got my Frisbee so far in the bushes for that kind of shot to be necessary.

Nate: No matter how, I still dominated you, 48-42 (lowest score wins). But I will say, as beginners, we completed the course without embarrassing ourselves, which is a plus.

Ben: It’s safe to say we had a pretty good time. We had the entire course to ourselves and it was not physically exhausting. It was fun exploring the course to find where we were going, and it didn’t take too long to get through it.

Nate: Definitely agree, if you can get a hold of a good couple of discs (driver and putter) you will be set, but even if you just have a normal Frisbee, it will be a great time.