JROTC students support Thank a Vet

Bailey Fisher, Staff Reporter

On Friday, Oct. 28 the JROTC participated in the Thank a Vet campaign by thanking school security officer Lemmie Chapman for his service. Army instructors tasked students to find a way to show appreciation for the veterans at the school.

“We came up with the idea of using the homecoming event where we would have the entire battalion together to thank Mr. Chapman for his service in a significant way,” senior Ian Stuart said.

The JROTC students decided to participate in the Thank a Vet campaign which had been advertised all around campus and on the school website asking for any student or teacher to record a short video of them thanking a veteran they know.

In being part of the Thank a Vet campaign, the students recorded a video of the presentation and uploaded it with #thankavet.

“We fell into a battalion and all chanted an individual word,” junior Jacob Enot said. “Alpha company yelled ‘thank you,’ Bravo company yelled ‘mister,’ and Charlie company yelled ‘Chapman.’”

The “Thank a Vet.” cause became a countywide event as an email was sent out to all Seminole county schools from the county office asking them to advertise the event.

To participate in the cause, students or anyone willing to participate created and submitted a thank you video using #thankavet by Monday, Oct. 26 to any current social media service.