Falling into Fashion Week


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Models strut down the runway giving the audience one last chance to preview designs during the finale of a New York Fashion Week show.

Ever wonder how stores decide what each seasons’ trends will be? Why do stores favor houndstooth over plaid this fall, and who decided this season’s color of choice is burgundy?

Whether it is realized or not, fashion week affects every single clothing-owner. Regardless if it is a five dollar Walmart tank top or a one thousand dollar Gucci handbag, those concepts were once observed on a fashion week runway when a designer unveiled their latest designs. From fashion week, styles trickle down into specialty boutiques, designer department stores, widespread retail shops, outlets and eventually into the hands of a consumer.

Otherwise known as “fashion month,” this series of four consecutive fashion weeks takes place in the capitals of the industry: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Local niches of fashion such as Park Avenue and Mall at Millennia host their own fashion weeks, but these four boast the top designers in the industry and attract fame of all sorts.

Fashion week is often referred to as an outlet for breakthrough designers, and many models dream of walking a fashion week runway. Together, these four fashion weeks showcase only the crème de la crème.

Anticipated by women of all ages, and not to mention the strong male following, September through October is a vital time in the fashion world as designers unveil their spring lines and models strut their skinny selves down the runway.

“My favorite show during fashion week was Sheri Hill because her custom gowns are some of the most stunning and elaborate designs that you can find,” junior Trinity Turlington said. “As a pageant girl, it is extremely vital to stay up to date with future gown trends.”

As designers present their new collections ranging from t-shirts to elegant gowns, average Jane Does eagerly look on to stay up to date and keep their wardrobes fresh, department stores and boutiques serving as the middle man.

A retail worker at Yves Saint Laurent in the Mall at Millennia stated that not only does fashion week inspire their designs, but it also plays a role in store design. At YSL, designs are influenced by grunge, which can be seen in the architecture’s sleek lines, black marble and metal accessories to complement their clothing.

The store design at Yves Saint Laurent in Mall at Millennia reflects their grunge influences by using black marble and touches of metal throughout the boutique.
photo by Sarah Gibson
The store design at Yves Saint Laurent in Mall at Millennia reflects their grunge influences by using black marble and touches of metal throughout the boutique.

The representative at YSL also noted that it is important to understand not only where clothes are bought, but also who designed them. Designers are always influenced by something in the world around them, which leads style to consistently repeat itself.

Trends from the past make their way back onto shelves as designers pull ideas from earlier styles. From flower crowns to crop tops, and some runways’ influences stemming as far back as the renaissance period, multiple throwbacks made an appearance.

An example of this very concept can be seen on this season’s runways, as designers presented a common theme of bringing back the past. From bell-shaped sleeves to color block patterns and mod dresses, the sixties are alive and well on the catwalk. Designers also seem to be reliving the seventies, featuring designs with fringe, suede and wide-leg pants.

This fall, patterns and textures are key points in many designs. Houndstooth is reappearing on garments and as usual, flannels are a seasonal staple. Designers are playing with leather accents and, as previously noted, suede to spice up otherwise simple clothing.

“While prints have always been great accessories, it can be seen that bolder prints will be executed by designers, along with unique textures on solid pieces,” Turlington said.

Colors differed across the runway; Some looks were monochromatic, others contrasted colors, while the most daring mixed different florals. An assortment of collections also focused on geometric form with squared necklines, boxy shoulders and sharp hemlines. This season’s runways were as diverse as ever, and multiple looks were represented throughout the event.

While designers aim at pushing boundaries and setting new rules with their designs, sometimes their runway-ready looks are not very suitable for everyday wear. With the help of stores like Forever 21 and H&M, couture looks can be snagged for less and merged easily into one’s wardrobe.

“I am in high school, but I don’t want to look like it. I still try to look good, but I obviously don’t have the budget to be able to afford whatever I want,” senior Tori Haun said. “It is nice to have the option of still getting what I want without feeling like I can’t eat out for the next two months.”

Check out the gallery below for inspiration straight from fashion month, with pieces that will not break the bank.


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