Age of Adaline proves timeless


Adeline Davis , Student Connections Editor

Immortality is usually given a hauntingly dark twist with a tragic ending. So, when the lights dimmed and the beginning credits started for The Age of Adaline, I was prepared to walk away scream-crying. Surprisingly, by the end, my spirits were as high as the rating I would give the movie.

The beautiful Blake Lively portrays Adaline Bowman, a woman born in 1908 who becomes immune to the passing of time. When Adaline realizes her immortality, she spends her life running, terrified of having her dark secret exposed. However, Adaline’s running stops when she meets the handsome and persistent Ellis Jones, played by Michiel Huisman. When Huisman comes crashing into her life with his endless charm, she has to choose between love and protecting her secret.

Be prepared for the film to start out as slow as Adaline’s aging. Fifteen minutes in, they might as well have cued the violin music and ‘forever alone’ monologs. Luckily, the static beginning was brought to life when Huisman’s character was introduced. Daring and optimistic, Huisman did a fantastic job bringing needed turbulence to the film. His mix of quirk, seriousness and romance helped deliver the film’s best lines and most laughs. Combined with Lively’s modest but powerful performance, their chemistry keeps the film from being all drear and no cheer.

The topic of Adaline’s immortality was believable thanks to Lively’s old fashioned dialogue and wise demeanor, but for the non-scientific types out there, be prepared to let the reason why she becomes immortal go over your head. With that exception, the plot was easy to follow. I especially enjoyed Harrison Ford’s performance as William Jones, a lover from Adaline’s past. He does not look like he did in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but his acting is still top notch.

The Age of Adaline proved to be powerful and loving, with a unique twist on immortality; helping to raise the question ‘would you want to be forever young?’ After watching it, my answer would be no, but go see it and decide for yourself.