TV production wins big at Seminole County awards

Jessica Ritchie, Staff Reporter

It is always nice to be recognized for good work, and on May 4, TV Production received a lot of recognition when they won five first place awards and one Judge’s Award at the Seminole County Television Awards. This included awards for sports production, commercial, public service, music video and comedy. The crew sent videos in to be judged against other Seminole County schools.

The contest is a way for people outside of the class to see and appreciate the work that goes into the making competitive videos. The purpose of the awards is to highlight students at every school in Seminole County, especially schools that do not have the opportunity to compete at higher levels. Seniors Rhiana Raymundo and Kelly Broderick worked together to create a sports package about boys basketball getting to the semifinals.

“It is really cool to be noticed for something that you work on and see that people appreciate you,” Broderick said.

The crew used the competition as a way to improve and get inspiration from other schools.

“It was still helpful to see how we compared with other schools, and compared to other schools Hagerty is above average,” senior David Yun said.

The team went into the ceremony expecting to win something due to the work that they had put in over the past year.

“I expected to win the sports one because Rhiana puts so much work and dedication into everything she does,” Broderick said.

TV Production spends all year pushing to improve their skills and make the best videos to show to the student body, and they are glad to be recognized for their work by Seminole County. To see all the winners go to