PRIDE: Students respond to the prompt “What does character mean to you?”

Taylor Rover,10
Having a good character is having a good moral basis when no one is looking and when everyone is looking. I have friends who do the right thing when no one is looking, but do the wrong thing when everyone is looking so they can be associated with the “cool” crowd. Doing the right thing in private is not enough to qualify as having good character. Good character is doing the right thing, for the right reasons.

Jessicka Birr,10
I agree with the statement “character is who you are and what you do when no one else is looking or listening” because when you are by yourself, you have no one to impress. It’s what you do selflessly, when you have no intention of using your actions to gain anything. People always act a certain way around people and there is usually motive behind their actions; money, relationships, fame, other selfish things. But when you are by yourself, nobody is able to see your actions so you cannot gain anything from anyone. Only then will you act on your true character.

Caleb Getty,10
The cliché phrase “champions are made where no one is watching” has been around the sports world for centuries. But this has now transformed to a more substantial trait; character. Character is and always will be what you do when no one is looking. Peer pressure is a prime example of this. It is easy to make the right choice when other people are paying attention because it will affect ones image. However, when not influenced in a decision it is only that persons choice, not influenced by anything but ones character. Good character is easy to show when influenced by others, real character is shown when no one is watching.

Michael Boulos,10
Just because you do great deeds when everyone is watching, does not mean you have good character. For example, about 2 weeks ago I was at a restaurant getting something to eat. I gave the cashier my $20 bill and waited patiently for my $12 in change. The cashier accidently gave me $52 instead of $12. I did the right thing, even though I could have just left since I was the only one that knew she had made a mistake. Instead of walking away a little bit richer, I turned back and returned the lady’s hard earned money since it was the right thing to do. This is the true meaning of good character because I did it because of my own morals, not because people were watching.

John Fulginiti,10
Character is not just what you do when no one else is looking or listening. Yes, how you act when there is no pressure to do the right thing is a reflection of character. But true character is who you are when other people are around. Most people spend more time with others than alone and so how they act in public is a better representation of who they are. When you are alone, it’s easy to say you will talk to the new kid or do your homework on time. But when everyone is looking at you, it’s harder to do these things. Good intentions are made in private but real actions are done in public, and ultimately good intentions mean nothing. Strong character will show itself, not just in private, but in public.

Ella Plasse,9
To be respectful means to be polite, to appreciate the things and the people you have, to realize that you have a lot more than you think and to think before you act in all the things you do. Respect may take a lot of work and effort, but in the long run it will pay off…give a little to get a little.

Emily Hurtado,10
I believe being respectful is an important quality everyone should have. Being respectful means being honest when the truth is asked for. It is being humble and having humility. I think being respectful is an easy tactic to keeping peace and happiness.

Gabe P.
To be respectful is to show one’s upmost behavior to their superior, peers or surrounding people. It is not to love someone, but to treat said person how you would wish to be treated. You should always treat people like a human being and not a pile of garbage, especially those superior to you. That’s what respect is.

Sara Mayer,9
I think what it means to be respectful is to listen and pay attention. When people are talking you should listen in order to be respectful. If you’re talking over someone then chances are, they will feel disrespected and think you’re rude. Being respectful is important because if you’re not, when it comes time for you to be respected, you probably won’t.

Alyssa Melendez,9
To be respectful means to be kind and curious to others. You treat people as an equal and not like they are at a lower level than you. You don’t touch or steal their personal property. You treat someone like you would treat yourself.