Mu Alpha Theta Pi Day sales kick off


photo by Jacob Arthur

Katie Curley, HJO Managing Editor

Apple, cherry, blueberry and more; Mu Alpha Theta began its annual Pi Day pie sale, allowing students to turn in pie forms from Feb. 23-27. With small pies selling for $7 and large for $11, the math club has raised over $6000 by selling 631 different pies, making for a successful Pi Day to support their state competition and help out the senior class.

With the help of funds from pie sales, top placing members of the club can go compete in states. In prior years, Mu Alpha Theta has dominated competitions. So far, the club has appeared at two regional competitions, one at Lake Brantley and one at West Palm, where they placed first, third and fourth at West Palm but not doing so well at Lake Brantley. They are planning to attend another event at Seminole High School in March 7 and the state competition in Orlando.

Compared to other years, Mu Alpha Theta’s Pi Day sales have increased. When math teachers offer extra credit, pie sales benefit greatly. The most popular pie by far was apple pie; the small Dutch apple pie sold the most at 128. The large Dutch apple sold the second most with 93, and in third was the regular small apple.

Pies will be delivered to the school a few days before distribution day and will be given out to the students on either Wednesday, March 11 or Thursday, March 12 to each student’s math class since Pi Day falls on a Saturday. Nonetheless, Pi Day must go on with student’s gorging themselves on large pies of different flavors.

“It prepares you for a fun day of learning math,” Mu Alpha Theta member Prerna Sharma said. “Also the extra credit doesn’t hurt either.”