Leadership hosts carwash for FIT

Courtney Dziewior, Staff Reporter

Soapy water, wet sponges and colorful posters alerted passerby’s to Leadership’s carwash to raise money for the Families In Transition program at the 7-Eleven on Lockwood Boulevard on Saturday, Feb. 23. The carwash was one of the two planned events, with the second still in the planning phase, to directly benefit FIT.

“It has been something that Leadership has been doing for several years and is an awesome way for the different leadership groups of the different schools meet,” the event chair, sophomore Karley Harms said.

FIT is a Seminole County organization dedicated to helping high school students who lack a permanent residence. The students who qualify gain assistance in transportation, food, supplies and tutoring when needed. Leadership works with the program by raising money to spend on clothes and food that will then be donated.

“It went well despite the fact that we didn’t have many cars to wash due to the dreary weather,” sophomore Sierra Hittel said. “[But] we got a lot of donations.”

At the end of the school year, Leadership students from each of the high schools in Seminole County will meet with their items to organize them and pass them over to FIT.
Harms led the class in organizing the location, purchasing supplies and managing those that would be attending.

“It has been an amazing experience, getting to know how to run everything and what it takes to put on the events,” Harms said.