Bowling teams win districts


photo by Jacob Arthur

On Monday, Oct. 27, the boys and girls bowling teams both played in the FSHAA district 7 playoffs. Both teams managed to come from the consolation bracket to walk away with a district championship trophy.

The district playoffs consist of a qualifying round, and then a head-to-head round for the top four teams that advance. In the qualifying round, every team plays three games n and the four teams with the highest combined score through the three games advance to the head-to-head round. The head-to-head round is double-elimination.

The boys and girls teams both made it through the qualifying round. The girls finished with the top seed, with a total score of 2,565, and the boys earned the third seed with their total score of 2,823.

The boys team lost to two-seed Oviedo in the first game of the head-to-head round, and were sent to the consolation bracket. There, they beat Winter Springs, and then beat Oviedo in a rematch, and moved on to face Lake Mary, who had not lost yet in the playoffs, in the championship game. They had to beat Lake Mary twice to win, and managed to come away with both wins to claim the district championship.

“We only had to change the lineup a couple times, and once they were comfortable with what we were doing, they started to pick up their spares and then of course we had some real big games of all strikes,” head coach Adam Stansbury said.

The girls beat Lake Brantley in the first game of their head-to-head round, and faced Oviedo next, and lost, sending them to the consolation bracket. Once in the consolation bracket, they beat Winter Springs, and faced Oviedo in the championship game, winning twice to earn the district championship.

“[The main difference this year was] experience in the district tournaments. I think they knew that it wasn’t over them just because they lost the first games or second games, that they could always come back and still be victorious in the end,” Stansbury said.