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MorningStar veggie burger

Greta: 5/10. I was expecting way more. The smell is highly deceiving. From the chunks of carrot and bell peppers, the smell appears to be delightful but the actual taste is disappointing. The best way to describe it is bland. It had a seasoning taste here and there but not enough to satisfy and one that didn’t let the vegetables themselves come through. I wouldn’t mind eating this again when hanging out with a vegetarian but it’s one of those meals I’ll have once every decade.


Angelica: 7/10 These veggie burgers take veggie burgers to a whole new level. You not only see the veggies but even when cooked they each have their own taste and crunch still. I really liked the overall flavor of the burgers and the veggies, however I am not really a fan of mushrooms and you could taste them so that is why they are a 7. They are really easy to cook and are definitely another good option for vegetarians or vegans. 


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